How to engage and motivate students to fundraise – the Penny Wars

Guys, I am going to Nepal in October! I’ll be joining The Waterbearers on their mission trip to distribute water filters to families in need.  As I start to research

6 Important things to know before biking the Golden Gate Bridge

If you visit San Francisco, I recommend biking the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito. My family took a last minute trip to San Francisco this past week, and this was a perfect way to spend one of our days in this area.

3 Best ways to clean your jewelry

Ok guys, if you’re a regular reader or follower on one of my social media channels, you know I come from a family line of jewelers. I am also launching an online jewelry shop on my blog in the near future! So while it’s on my mind, I want to discuss the three best ways to clean your jewelry. 

Why being inactive makes you feel like crap

I went from exercising five days a week for the past seven years to 0. It’s been six weeks where I haven’t worked out, and I feel the effects!

My teens were abducted by aliens – What to do?

being a parent is no picnic. Sometimes your teens feel like strangers and parenting becomes more difficult than ever. Here are some tips on how to deal with teen angst. #ozofsalt #parenting #raisingteens

Things have been happening with my boys lately that give me flashes of my point of view when I was their age. I’m trying so hard to understand and relate to them. But honestly, many times I feel like my teens were abducted by aliens and I’ve been left with strangers.

The best way parents can act when your teen pushes you away. #ozofsalt #parenting #teenangst

I stalked all the Amazon Prime Day deals for you!

I’ve been obsessed with finding great Amazon Prime Day Deals for you. Ok. I admit, I did get a number of items for my family too. I’m a sucker for a good sale!