Second Home Syndrome?

Cure for Second Home Syndrome: One family’s story of finding a new appreciation for home. 

Do you have the syndrome too? I have to admit, I’ve been dreaming about a temporary escape from the politics and craze of the pandemic’s effect on California. I want my kids in school, and I have been starting to feel desperate. Manhattan Beach, Ca resident and writer, Paula Davis, wrote this post that helped me gain new perspective on the “Second Home Syndrome” which relates to many of us wanting an escape. Enjoy!

How Fine Jewelry is Made

Happy 2021! How are you doing? It is Sunday and my first full week back from taking a much needed vacation after Holiday jewelry season for my jewelry business, Ounce of Salt Jewelry. 

Favorite Covid Food Finds

Who did some stress eating last week? So much nail biting anxiety with the election craze! It’s now time to take a breath and push the reset button to get back to as “normal” as we...

Bar Cart for the Holidays

Being trapped in the house this year, we can use all the home decor excitement we can get! Who’s with me? Janiece Cotrell purchased and styled a bar cart for my home that made me giddy...

3 Things Keeping My Weight Off

I am not closely monitoring my diet on My Fitness Pal like I used to as now I’m in the maintenance mode phase. I’ve gained back a lb or 2, but for the most part, I’ve been able to...