My Workout Accessory Picks

I’ve been talking a lot about health and fitness lately, because I’ve been spending many hours working out! It helps me get out of my head, feel good, and gain self confidence. In this post, I share my favorite fitness accessories. If I’m not dressed up meeting clients for jewelry work, I’m usually in workout gear.

I’m learning that I wear/use 10% of my clothing/accessories 90% of the time. Due to this, I no longer buy the cheap stuff! The following are what I’m wearing/using:

1. Leggings Anthropology $119.99

Patterns are flattering. You wouldn’t think they would be, but they are! I love these Anthro spandex leggings for their whimsical style and personality. They hold everything in nicely, are comfortable, and they are stylish! Throw on a sweatshirt or t-shirt after my work out, and I feel cute in these leggings. 

2. Lululemon Align High-Neck Tank $68

This sports bra is awesome because it is longer than the typical tops in the “sports bra” category. It also hold more in with the high neck which makes me feel more supported. With its flattering cut and comfortable smooth material, it is my go-to for sports tops to wear to the gym. 

3. HOKA ONE Bondi 7 Womens Sneaker $190

I used to be a Brooks running shoe girl, but now I only wear Hokas. I started wearing these while training for my last marathon 6 years ago and never turned back. These running shoes are known for their enhanced cushioning and rigid stability. The heel in particular is made to provide quality support and shock-absorption while keeping everything where it needs to be. 

4. EverEve Marrakech Billie Utility Bomber Jacket $158

I have a similar jacket by this brand I purchased a few months ago and I wear it 3-4 days a week over my work out clothing! What a great investment. It is comfortable, not too bulky, and flattering. It also has a higher-end look than other work-out jackets that makes me feel more “together.”

5. Zinka – Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Face Stick SPF 50 9.99

Without this Water Resistant (for 80 Minutes )- .49oz Stick, I’d never run outside. I lather it on and I carry it with me on my run to reapply during my workout. It is small enough to fit in my pocket of my running shorts or leggings, which is important. 

6. Spotify Playlist Running Music Hits 2022

This is my on-repeat running playlist of late. It pumps me up and gets me in a great mood! Love the upbeat songs and the beats per minute. A great play list during my runs… imperative!

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