I Am an Orchid

They say our hardest moments make us stronger and shape who we are. It’s an annoying saying. But it’s true. 

I’ve spent the past couple of years in a shit storm that throws punches just as I feel things are finally calming down. 

But I’m still standing. And I’m stronger than ever. 

I’m more empowered, more sound minded, improved in all ways. 

If you’re struggling, keep going. Life is beautiful. I don’t take one moment for granted. 

I wrote this during my walk this morning. When the words flow out quickly, I know it’s worth documenting. 

I hope you’re well. 

Instagram April 19. 2023. I am an orchid. 

An orchid can survive for years with the bare minimum. When they aren’t in bloom, you’ll only see its roots and a few dried up stems. 

Without care, she may look sparse and tired, but she’s still alive.

An orchid is adaptive to her environment.  She will attempt to turn her roots toward the sun and conserve the little water she receives. She is delicate, but strong and resilient. When she is in bloom, her beauty beams for months.

My orchid sat in wrong places for most of her life. Places without enough moisture, and with just enough light and water to live, but not thrive. 

One day she was thrown through the window. The pot she’d been incased in for 20 years shattered into a hundred pieces. The shards of glass cut her roots and broke her stems. 

On the dirt, she feels thirsty. But she notices there is more sunlight here. Indirect sunlight that gives the perfect amount of soft glow throughout the day. She forgot how the warm rays of the sun could make her feel. 

Slowly her roots found some moisture in the ground and there, she started rebuilding each one.

Then the rain showers came. What is this? She didn’t know she could be watered this way. It feels wonderful.

She sits tight, allowing the love of the sun and rain to help her stems grow. With more strength each day, she manipulates her roots to take hold, deep down into the earth. 

She is building a structure for herself where she can bloom in all my glory. 

An orchid, when cared for properly, develops in magnificent ways. Some people cover the roots with moss. They are thick, intertwined and chaotic. But I keep my orchid’s roots exposed. Makes me appreciate her beauty even more.

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