Make Your Diamonds Sparkle Like New

Hello, hello, friends! Are your diamonds clean? Don’t feel embarrassed if they’re not. Many of us wear our diamonds each day, especially our wedding rings. Of course they will get dirty! But listen. The lotion, oil, sanitizer, food, detergent… shall I go on? It’s not good for our jewelry. And our rings are meant to sparkle. So, this post is to show you how to clean your diamonds! 

I wish I could cut and paste my blog post from my jewelry site here, but google doesn’t like repeated content on the internet, so I am linking my post, “How to Clean Diamonds Quickly and Easily” here .

I know you’ll find it useful. Enjoy your diamonds each day! And let’s sparkle on! 

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Are You Sure Your Diamonds are Real?

I entered the Jewelry industry to make buying fine jewelry easier for the consumer. As I’ve written before, the fine jewelry industry comes with layers of deception and sales practices that can arguably be predatory. It’s important to do your research, to not rely solely on third-party reviews (many of which can be paid for), and to understand the face behind the brand from where you purchase.

The Know, Like, and Trust factor is of utmost importance in the jewelry industry! 

With Valentine’s Day a few weeks away, men will be looking to gift fine jewelry to the ones they love. I wanted to make you aware of a problem in the supplier network of diamonds that most people in the industry don’t discuss: Synthetic Diamonds  mixed in with Man-made Diamonds when sold to jewelry makers and designers.


Why the Jewelry Industry Needs Consolidation

I was reading a post on Facebook yesterday where a friend discussed how every week, the neighborhood moms meet in an alley to buy a week’s worth of prepared Korean food from a woman’s car. A Korean woman cooks delicious meals at her house and packages them to distribute once a week to busy moms. There was a flood of comments from friends who wanted in on this secret meet up too.