Guest Spot on Podcast: Nomadmoda

Hello, hello, guys! I had a guest spot on a podcast called Nomad Moda with Deena Danielle and would love for you to have a listen!

I discuss coming into my own after turning 40. This blog has helped me find my voice, and I talk about my journey with how it guided me to my latest venture as a Jewelry entrepreneur to fulfill my dream of making online purchasing easier for the consumer. 

I hope it inspires YOU to go after your dreams. Also, to learn more about the jewelry industry! I love listening to podcasts in my car via Apple podcasts, and I’m excited to add Nomad Moda to my repertoire.

You can listen here: 

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Thanks so much to Deena Danielle, founder of Nomadmoda who impresses me with all of her creative skills! You can find her at @nomadmoda on Instagram.

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