Spread Love with a Valentine’s Cookie Party

Superbowl’s over…which means Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

What do you think about helping your friends shower love to the important people in their lives? And in the process, you can visit with each other and catch up on your friendship. Let’s spread love with a Valentine’s Cookie Party! 

Valentine’s Cookie Party

The Idea: Invite your girlfriends over to make Valentine’s themed sweets as gifts for people they love and/or appreciate. Kids, teachers, mentors, your partner… there are so many who would LOVE a thoughtful gift of treats made by you!

Items to gather before the party

  • Paper boxes
  • Heart doilies to write a note
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors/Pens to write notes 
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Chocolate chips (to melt for strawberries)
  • Ingredients for Heart Shaped Raspberry Shortbread Cookies
  • Heart shaped cookie cutters

I ordered most of my supplies on Amazon, but local craft shops will also have these items.

Instructions to Plan for the Party

Step 1:

  • Invite your friends with an Evite. Ask them to bring a bite to share. This way, you can focus on the sweets and getting your home ready, instead of the food. 
  • Order/shop for packaging items.

Step 2:

  • Get Flowers. I like roses, white accents and green for this holiday!
  • Get cookie ingredients, fresh strawberries and chocolate.

Step 3: 

  • Make the cookie dough the day before. You may want to test the recipe on your family earlier than the day before, just to make sure it all turns out!
  • Make pretty Valentine’s Day themed flower arrangements to display around the house. 

Set up Stations for each part of the sweets making process.

Step 4: 

Break out some champagne and have fun with your friends! They will appreciate your effort in making it easy for them to spread love.  

Isn’t this a great idea? Our relationships are the most important thing in our lives. Let’s make time to show the ones we love, how much we appreciate them. Don’t forget about you, too. Pamper yourself as much as you can… including treating yourself to a Valentine’s gift! You deserve it!

Flavor Your Life with an Ounce of Salt. By Jen Oliak.