2 Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

Once Halloween hits, time seems to speed up double-time. We blink, and it’s Thanksgiving! My friend, Janiece, has 2 easy Thanksgiving Dinner ideas to wow your family and guests this year! And alas, it happens to be something you can present as COVID friendly individual servings too.

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a family meal together with gratitude. We usually spend Thanksgiving at my sister’s home. She is a master chef (ugh) who can make anything and everything, and it’s always delicious.  Each year, I try to impress her with a new dish for the dinner.  Over the years, I’ve had some epic fails… like the time I forgot to add spices to the pumpkin pie.  What!!??  But, a few years ago, I had success with “Stuffing Cups” and “Turkey Butter pads” which I will share here. 

Happiest of Thanksgiving Wishes to you all!

Janiece xx

Stuffing Cups


1 box of Stuffing (you can use any brand.;) Follow directions on box. 

Pro tip: If the directions call for water, use Chicken/Vegetable broth to add more flavor to your stuffing.  

Some people only like bread stuffing. But, you add onion, celery, cranberries, walnuts and sausage, the dish will be much more delicious!  (Remember, completely cook sausage before you add it to the stuffing.)  

For this blog post, I kept it simple and only used onion and celery. 


  • Heat oven to 350 
  • Spray regular size muffin cups with cooking spray
  • Mix everything together, divide into muffin cups
  • Bake for about 25 minutes or until the stuffing is firm and golden brown on top
  • TIP: I like to place Tin Foil on top the stuffing cups for the last 5 to 10 minutes to prevent over-browning.

Turkey Butter pads


  • Unsalted butter 
  • Turkey Mold or Mini muffin pan
  • Knife, spatula or frosting knife


  • Set your butter out until it’s soft.  
  • Spread the butter smoothly into the molds, make sure to get out any air pockets.  
  • Wrap the mold with cling wrap, place in freezer.  
  • Keep in the freezer until you are ready to serve.  
  • Press on the back side of the mold and pop out.
  • TIP: Sprinkle flakey Sea Salt on them and you are good to go! Make your molds a day or two ahead of time to save time.

You can find the Turkey molds on Amazon

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