Easy Mask Maintenance Tips

It looks like masks will be part of our daily lives for a while. No matter how we feel about them, we need them if we want to go out in public. Masks protect us from spreading Covid. But, they have some other useful functions too! Let’s make the best of our “mask life” this year by thinking about the many benefits of wearing them, and by making mask maintenance as easy as possible.

Usefulness of Masks:

  • · Covid protection
  • · Helps protect face from sun damage
  • · Keeps your face warm in cold weather

Mask Maintenance Tips

Tip 1:

We keep a basket of fresh clean masks in our entryway as a reminder to grab a fresh mask when we leave the house. In our laundry room we have a hanging mesh zipper bag  to collect the dirty masks. When it comes time to wash, just zip the bag close, toss in to the wash and then hang them dry individually. 

Mask basket

TIP 2:

We use and wash the standard surgical masks as well cloth. Did you know can reuse these masks by washing them? Although they’ll only last for 2-3 washes before they start to decompose, most people wear them just once time and toss, not realizing they can be re-used!

Tip 3: 

My friend keeps 3 different types of masks in her car, hanging from her real view mirror. An N-95 to wear in “riskier” public spaces, a multi-layered cloth mask for the grocery store, and a standard, thin, surgical mask to wear in low risk areas and outside. Keeping all three handy makes one less thing to remember when you’re running out the door. 

Tip 4: 

Keep your masks clean and close, with style. Isn’t this a gorgeous necklace? It’s doubles as a mask and glasses lanyard! When I designed this mask chain, I wanted something longer term than just “mask holder.” This lanyard can be used to hold your mask, your readers, your sunglasses,… even your house key! And when your’e not using the chain to hold one of these items, you can wear it as a gorgeous layered necklace. 

I don’t like the masks with hooks on each side because the inner lining ends up exposed as you wear it as a chain which defeats the purpose of the mask! I prefer folding my masks over to cover the inside, and I like to clip it onto my hinge clasp on my chain. When I style my chain with a nice silk mask like this Italian Silk Hark + Hammer mask, it elevates my outfit. 

And guess what? For the holidays, I’m opening up my 40% Off coupon code for all of my Ounce of Salt Mask & Lanyard chains. Just type in “Mask40” at the final check out page, and it’s yours! These chains make the perfect gift for that hard to shop for person… we all have them in our lives! I wear my lanyard literally almost everyday to hold my reading glasses while at home, and to hold both my mask and glasses when I go out. These lanyards will last for years after the pandemic with their high quality materials that are made to last. Head on over to my site. I bet you’ll find all kinds of items that call your name!

Let’s stay safe and get through this crazy year with positive perspectives and good health. Have a great Thanksgiving week, guys! 

Finally, heres a 2 minute video featuring the highlights of my product pitch for my mask lanyards to get on a national tv show. If you’re curious about mask chains, check it out!


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