Serving Up a Pinterest Perfect Halloween

My Pinterest board is overflowing with inspiration this fall. With Halloween right around the corner, I’m looking forward to testing out some of these DIY decorations, activities, and, of course, recipes! With so many adorable and fun ideas to choose from, I thought I’d round up some of my favorite treat ideas for this year’s Halloween bashes. 

Sweet Snacks

It wouldn’t be a Halloween party without something sugary! I love these unique takes on traditional Halloween candies, and I also love how simple these two recipes are to put together. Easy, fun, and a great activity to do with kids; these recipes check all the boxes for Halloween snacks.

Mini Bat Treats – Find the recipe here

Not only are these little bats adorable, but they’re also super easy to put together. Made with Oreo cookies, Reese’s cups, edible eyes, and a little bit of icing, these spooky cuties come together quickly and add just the right amount of sweetness to your snack table.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups – Find the recipe here

A Halloween twist on a classic snack! These pumpkin patch cups are made with chocolate pudding, oreo crumble, Sour Punch straws, and of course, candy pumpkins. While these pumpkin patches may not come with hayrides or apple cider, they do taste delicious.


Baked Beauties

Want to try your hand at something more ambitious this fall? These delicious baked goods find themselves leading the charge to the top of my recipe to-do list. Not only will these be a hit at any fall party you attend (or host!), but they will also make your home smell super cozy.

Gluten-Free Spice Cupcakes – Find the recipe here

Spice cake is the perfect fall flavor. It makes the whole house smell like the season, creating the coziest vibe. And with homemade cream cheese frosting? I need to give this one a try as soon as possible.

Pumpkin Pie Crescents – Find the recipe here

Halloween isn’t the only important holiday in the fall; we also have Thanksgiving! And one of the quintessential Thanksgiving foods is a pumpkin pie. But why whip up a whole pie when you can create individual servings with these delicious looking pumpkin pie crescents?


Punch Perfection

You can’t have a Halloween party without a themed drink! This candy corn punch looks so delicious, and is so simple to put together. Orange soda, pineapple juice (and chunks of pineapple), whipped cream, and some candy corn topping make this drink the hit of the party. 

And don’t worry, adults – you can have a little fun too. Just add a splash of vodka (or your favorite alcohol) and turn this cute, candied drink into something a little stronger. 

Candy Corn Punch – Find the recipe here

Pinterest is absolutely loaded with ideas for the perfect Halloween bash. While these are just a few of my favorites, there are many more to be found. So, find your favorite recipe this fall and give it a go! I can’t wait to hear about the amazing parties you throw.