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Make Gifts Have Sentimental Meaning Like This

My favorite part of having a fine jewelry business is hearing the stories that go along with the gifts people purchase for those they love. Fine jewelry and their meaning to their owners last forever.

To me, a gift of jewelry I invest in for myself or that I receive as a gift is more special than other “things” I own because it won’t wear out, get old or go out of style. And when there is sentimental value with the piece, I love how it makes me feel each time I put it on. 

I want to share with you some Ounce of Salt Jewelry pieces where customers shared with me, the special meanings they gave to the items. Each one is unique and special.

Hexagon Overlay Necklace 

“Happy Anniversary, Baby. Hexagons for the six wonderful years we’ve been married.” 

Ahhh… This was the note my customer requested to go along with his gift to his wife. What a thoughtful husband. Creative and meaningful!

Sliced Diamond 

This sliced diamond was purchased by a customer who loved it for its five connected pieces – each sliced diamond to symbolize a member of her family. 


Butterflies symbolize freedom, beauty, and change, and are often chosen to represent a period of transformation in a woman’s life.

This was a group gift from girlfriends who wanted to celebrate their friend’s birthday by honoring her metamorphosis into fully becoming herself in strength, grace, and beauty.


A graduation gift for a daughter whose passion is horseback riding! Also a symbol of good luck, this beautiful horseshoe is the perfect reminder of her mother’s love. 

French Pave Halo Diamond Earrings

A very special 50th birthday gift from loving parents to their daughter to help her sparkle on the outside as much as she radiates on the inside. These approximately 1.5carat each earrings will be worn every day! Every time she looks in the mirror, she will see these beautiful diamonds shining back at her to remind her of her sparkle, inside and out.


Moonstone is a master healer for women; it brings soothing, healing, calm energy and helps regain one’s power and inner balance.

This necklace was given as a gift to a younger sister before entering her last chemotherapy day in her second series of treatment. It’s been 2 long years struggling with cancer, and her sisters wanted to give her as much healing energy as possible. What a beautiful show of love – this will remind her how much she means to her family.

Diamond Ring Stone Converted to Pendant

This is a piece I had made using my 1.7 carat GIA engagement ring diamond after upgrading my engagement ring to a larger stone. I didn’t want to sell the diamond due to its special meaning, and I still wanted to wear it every day. This double halo pendant was the perfect piece to get made. I cherish it and will pass it down to one of my granddaughters one day. 

Fine Jewelry lasts forever and is a symbol of love in all forms. It can also be a show of self-love when making an investment on a piece for yourself. Is there a special occasion coming up that you want to make more meaningful? Did you hit a milestone in life or goal you’re proud of and want to celebrate?

A piece of fine jewelry that can be handed down for generations is the perfect investment to show or receive love! We make custom pieces and also have a gorgeous hand-selected curation. Visit Ounce of Salt Jewelry to plan for a special occasion. And of course, the holidays are coming up! 

Life is short. Buy the diamonds!!

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