Your Mask Holding Solution

Practical is pretty important these days. And simple is many times best. Mask life is here to stay. As I’ve been wearing my mask when out in public, I found myself constantly shuffling through my purse to grab it after taking it off in my car or in places where I could be mask-free.

Where do you put your mask when you’re not wearing it?

I noticed mask clips that attach to each ear piece like a necklace. But I didn’t like that it would leave my mask exposed to germs and dirt. 

I came up with a stylish solution to keep my mask close with easy access while keeping it clean! It is a cool, paperclip, link chain that is long enough to pull on over your head and wear as a lanyard/necklace. 

It is a great chain to hold your sunglasses or reading glasses too! 

My main goal in making this product was to make it functional, affordable, and easy to use. One day, we won’t need masks anymore. But we will still be carrying around our glasses! Although I usually sell solid gold in my online jewelry store, I decided this type of accessory is best suited for lower price points. I hope you love this product as much as I do!

Details of Mask & Glasses Chain Lanyard

  • 32 inches long
  • 24K Gold-filled with Copper Base Paperclip Chain 
  • 24k Vermeil (sterling silver base) Push Hinge Clasp
  • Hinge Clasp is 22mm

If you remember, gold filled is the 2nd best to solid gold (10k-14k-18k-24k) as to market a product “gold-filled,” it has to have a minimum percentage of gold in the metal, vs standard gold plated, which can have just a spray paint’s coating and will tarnish quickly. Visit my post on Differences Between Gold Jewelry if you’re confused about the prices differences on seemingly gold products. 

This Mask and Glasses Chain is Available now in my online jewelry shop! And it’s the perfect piece to throw on when you go out for a walk, to the grocery store, or to a social distanced get together.

And as a bonus, you can grab a 40% off coupon for these chains for a limited time. 

Stay safe, guys! Wear your mask and take care of your health. 

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