7 Things I Love This Summer

It’s crazy that it’s August. How have you been spending your summer?

I hope you are able to enjoy some nice weather. We’ve been spending lots of time on our patio and deck, getting work done, and spending time outdoors. 

I love it when friends tell me about their great finds, so in this post, I wanted to share some of mine with you. Here are 7 things I love this summer:

7 things I Love This Summer

1. Becca Swimsuit: Wanderlust Hipster Bikini

This bathing suit is the first one I’ve purchased in many years that is flattering for both my bust AND my bottom! The top and bottom are sold separately. Slimming, good support, and good quality. Cover of this blog post shot is me in this suit!

2. Collagen Peptides

I used to do vegan protein shakes each morning. But since I started my macro/intermittent fasting diet (read more about my experience), the shakes no longer work for me. I am trying to hit 100 grams of protein per day which has been hard. A friend recommended collagen peptides which provides 10 grams of protein per serving, while replenishing collagen to my system! Collagen supplements may be a helpful tool in decreasing the skin’s signs of aging.

I put a serving in my coffee this morning and couldn’t taste any of it.. perfect! This will give me at least 10 extra grams of protein a day. 

3. Indian Match Maker – Netflix Series

After a stressful day, this was the perfect series to binge watch. I loved it! It’s Bachelor meets Millionaire Matchmaker with culture and psychology. 

4. Frozen Blueberries

It doesn’t look very exciting, I know. But have you tasted frozen blueberries? They are even better than fresh! This has saved me from raiding the pantry for sweets when I want dessert. Try it. And get the larger berries, not the tiny kind if you can. So delicious and barely any calories! I like this Whole Foods brand. 

5. Hard Seltzer

I’m late to the party, I know. White Claw, Truly, Bon V!v – All delicious! White Claw is the largest market shareholder which uses a proprietary brewing process that uses fermented sugar, and a yeast strain that took more than a year to develop. No malt is used, but there is a bit of fruit juice and cane sugar added to the final product. 100 calories or less for a can of hard seltzer? Yes, thank you! Tastes just like Le Croix with a kick. Yuuuuum!

6. Instant Korean Coffee

I love the Maxim Gold (the yellow color packet) but I haven’t tried the other flavors. Remember the Dalgona craze? It tastes best with this brand of instant coffee.

I’m usually not a mid afternoon coffee drinker, but I love the taste of this coffee so much, I now often have a cup mid-day. Not too sweet, but tastes more indulgent and not as strong as regular coffee. It’s the perfect treat. And as a bonus, it allows me to add my Collagen Peptides into the drink without any aftertaste! Try the variety pack and let me know what you think!

7. Ounce of Salt Mask & Glasses Lanyards 

I must slip my Ounce of Salt Mask Lanyards into this mix because I LOVE them and so do so many others! I have been wearing mine every day, in the house or out! With my fine jewelry work, I need my reading classes all the time, so I just keep them on my necklace. The push hinge clasp is the key on these chains. So easy to clip our masks on and off. 

Available in 24k Yellow Gold Filled, 14k Black Gold Filled, or Sterling Silver. And I have some great “add-on” links so you can mix, match, and add to your base necklace.  Get yours before they sell out. 

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