Happy Thanksgiving from Paris

I’m sitting in my Paris hotel room (picture on cover) looking out the window on this Thanksgiving Day thinking about time, and how easy it is to let it pass just existing instead of being truly present.

I thought I’d been living in the moment. But so much of my last 20 years is a blur.

In our ordinary lives, there are distractions and stressors. We are continuously being challenged with obstacles to deal with, large and small. They create noise that takes much of our attention. 

Looking back, I see how I wanted to fit so much in to get as much out of each day as possible.

Career. Friendship. Marriage. Children. A home. Charity. Finding myself. 

Achievement. Success. Fitness. Good health. Love.

I’ve had it all. 

But when there is too much intensity in striving, that strong energy can bury our opportunities to feel the true depth of our moments. 

Sitting in the joy, the laughter, the sadness, the pain, the meaning… the experience; it’s the gift of life. 

On this Thanksgiving Day, I want to remind myself and you, that thankful is a state of being we can strive for each day. Looking around frequently at all my blessings is an act I’d like to practice as a habit. Slowing down to be here, wherever I am, is a gear I’ll need to make a more common speed. 

Cheers to deeper meaning in our lives, starting from where we are now. 

Ps. My family and I love Paris. 

Our hotel is one we’ve visited before and we will visit again. Hotel Relais Saint Germain. Their included in-room-rate breakfasts alone are enough to make it worth the trip. 

My son Jake; Breakfast at Hotel Relais Saint Germain

My biggest tip- get comfortable with the subway as soon as you arrive so you’ll be able to get wherever you want with ease. I’m hoping to find the time to write a blog post for you of our stay and the delicious restaurants we’ve enjoyed. But I’m trying to take it easier these days so, it may be a while.

Happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours. 

Au revoir!

Family picture (Justin 17, Jake 16, Jen and Dave) Ounce of Salt Jen Oliak Paris, France at Eiffel Tower

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