Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

What’s for mother’s day? Let’s get right into the list of top 10 Mother’s Day Gift ideas!

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1. Workout or casual wear leggings $68-80

These Spanx Camo Leggings are so versatile. I can wear them to go for a run or with a long shirt as a casual outfit. True to the style of the brand, they fit with great hold and flatter the body. I love this camo pattern too. 

mothers day gift spanx camo print leggings

2. Quip Toothbrush $20-$50

A modern toothbrush which makes brushing teeth cool. I think of this company taking the Apple approach to toothbrushes. They took a product everyone needs and made the packaging and product beautiful, sleek and easy to use. Instead of having rechargeable batteries and cumbersome parts, the head wears out in 3 months and a new one is delivered to you for $10. I was sent this toothbrush as a gift by Invisalign and didn’t think much of it at first. After using it for a month, I love it! My favorite part is the 2-minute timer that signals every 30 seconds to alert us to switch quadrants during my brush. Apparently, they’ve been doing a lot of video marketing to teens because my kids went crazy for it when they saw I have one!

Quip toothbrush mother's day top gifts3.  iRobot $199

Gotta love Amazon sales – it’s on sale for $199 . I bought a different brand that was on sale over the summer and now, I can’t imagine life without it. I find it’s best for the kitchen which I hate to sweep! It picks up all the crumbs and fur beautifully. What mom wouldn’t love to receive one of these? 

top 10 mother's day gifts irobot vacuum

4. Spice Grower $126

This Aero Garden Harvest Elite looks to be the best quality/value combination on Amazon. I love the idea of these indoor herb gardens with little work! It’s a fun gift for any occasion. I like the container on this one too – sleek and modern.

mother's day indoor herb garden

5. Gift card to Instacart 

Funny, I used this service once for Costco but then realized the items are marked up (up to 30%) when purchased through this service, in addition to the delivery fee. It was my first and only time using it! But I have to say, it sure was nice having someone deliver my groceries to my door! A gift card to this service to apply to a variety of stores would be a great gift for moms who could use a little spoiling. Especially for those moms like me and wouldn’t choose to use this service due to the cost, even if they want to! 

6. Flowers Subscription service 

I worked with a west coast company named Petalfox last summer to promote their flower delivery service. Every other week, I’d get a fresh bouquet of flowers delivered to my door. I loved the simple, earthy, and unique designs they made. Different than supermarket bouquets. But I do also love my Trader Joe’s flowers! For me, a bi-weekly delivery is the perfect balance to feel spoiled and delighted with a fresh and unique bouquet at the door. 

mother's day top gifts flower delivery

7. Hire a housekeeper for a day (or an extra)

Amazing how Amazon has every service( in addition to products) to order online! Talk about an empire. They are giving a $20 coupon for the first cleaning 

mother's day top 10 gifts house cleaning service If you already have a housekeeper, why not receive an extra day a month for special cleaning projects? If you don’t have one – a housekeeper would be heaven! 

8. Imperfect Produce Delivery Box

I’ve been meaning to try this Imperfect Produce service to see if the produce is fresh and delicious despite the imperfect looks. I just started a bi-weekly subscription for their box. I’ll let you know what I think once I try it! I love the concept of not wasting produce, and the discounts we receive for taking the less pretty ones is a bonus!

top 10 mother's day gifts imperfect product delivery service

9. Buy a piece of jewelry for yourself (from the kids)!

Why not pick out a nice gift you would love to receive from your kids and splurge a little? Here are a few I recommend for everyday wear to remind you how much you are loved by the family! And for a limited time, apply code ozofsaltmother at checkout for 10% off, sitewide! Visit Ounce of Salt Jewelry for our full 14k and diamond selection. 

10. Record a video card for Mom 

Ok, if my kids made me a video card telling me how much they loved me, I would be over the moon. With teen boys who are already tired of my blog picture requests, chances of me receiving this from them are low! But other dads and kids- if you’re reading this, what a beautiful and appreciated gift this would be for mom! She will have it forever and when you’ve grown into adults, it will be an especially beautiful moment to re-live.  

I hope you got some good ideas to get spoiled or spoil mom! Share this post if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to get emails from me to see what’s going on at Ounce of Salt. Happy Mother’s Day planning!

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