Survival Beauty Products During Quarantine

What beauty regimens have you learned you can’t live without, even when trapped at home? For me, it’s having manicured nails, my gray roots covered, and eyelashes. Without these self care beauty practices, I just don’t feel like myself.

I thought you might have similar thoughts about your must-have beauty regimens so I’m sharing the products that are getting me by while at home. 

While it’s nice to be able to relax and not wear makeup, do our hair, and wear sweats 24-7, after a number of days, do you agree we start to feel as frumpy as we look? I’ve made it a point to shower and get dressed on most days to feel better.

I did a facebook live discussion about the products below and why I love them during this Quarantine time. Check it out, and then find the links to the products below! 

Beauty Products During Quarantine

Note: The Amazon links below, allow me to receive a small commission at no cost to you. 


Manicure Set

I got this manicure set at Walgreens for about $13 which has everything I need to clean up my nails before applying nail polish. I found this one on Amazon that looks like a good buy as well. 

Gel Nail Polish

I’m loving this Essie Gel polish. My nails are paper thin from getting my gel manicures every 2 weeks. This polish makes my nails feel stronger! Easy to use as well. 


Without my monthly lash extensions, I turned to lash strips. This brand and type of lashes is the best I’ve found for ease and natural look.  

  1. Ardell Lashes
  2. Duo lash glue
  3. Micellar Water
  4. Lash tweezers

Hair Color

After using supermarket brands for years, I found the professional Zotos AGEbeautiful brand which lasts much longer! It’s just as easy to use as the boxed hair color from the market, and gentle enough for my hair. But it’s permanent, so the color stays until my roots grow out! Saves me so much time! 

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