7 Kitchen Luxuries for Every Home

A few years back, I published a blog post on my favorite kitchen items. Most of them are still my favorite! And with all the time we’re spending in our kitchens lately, I thought you’d appreciate my updated list of the kitchen items I most value. They are great little luxuries my family can enjoy each day!

7 Kitchen Luxuries for Every Home

Glass Water Bottles

Once we installed our water filter system, I bought a bunch of these glass bottles to fill up and store in the fridge. Everyone in my family likes to drink ice cold water, so these bottles are perfect. We wash and refill, which results in no plastic bottle waste! Even if you don’t use a filter, these water bottles are great grab and go items for busy people.

Salt Container

I love this wooden box container. I’ve been taught from my cooking instructors to use kosher salt for cooking and sea salt for finishing. I buy a big container of kosher salt and put some in a container like this. It’s cute and makes grabbing salt easy while I cook.

Zyliss Food Processor

I can’t live without my Zyliss food processor. It looks like no big deal, but you’ll see how great it is if you get one. I use it when I need chopped onions or garlic. I use it every time I cook! Easy to clean, just throw in the dishwasher. And no electrical plugs!

Joyce Chen Wok

The Joyce Chen Wok is a great cooking pan for a variety of foods. After watching my instructors cooking with it in class, I finally bought one. I love the size and how well it cooks my food! I’ve been making egg fried rice 2x a week for my boys (recipe coming soon!)

Olive Oil Canister

From William Sonoma, this Curtis Stone Stainless Oil Container  is gorgeous with a clean look. It sits perfectly next to my stove for daily use. I love it! Makes a great gift too. 

Mason Jars

Mason Jars are inexpensive and versatile. I use them to store salads, juices and left overs. 

You can also place fresh spices in a mason jar after covering them with paper towels and put into plastic bags. The seal on the jar keeps air out and allows the spices to remain fresh for longer than if stored in just the plastic bags. You’ll want to use plastic lids or these cute wooden lids as the metal ones erode over time. 

Ice Ball Molds

Who doesn’t love an ice cold I drink that’s also pretty to look at?  I have these Tivoli molds that make ice balls I put in my martini glass. An ice ball makes my drink seem more special and the slow melting ice makes it super cold. 

These are my favorite 7 items for the kitchen. What do you think? I hope this helps bring a little joy into quarantine life! And if you don’t already subscribe to my blog, please do so today! 

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