Grapefruit Vodka Cranberry Cocktail

Cocktails. Do you like to try different types? I am partial to vodka, and I love finding new drink recipes to make at home. I was in Mammoth, Ca a few weeks ago and tasted the most delicious Grapefruit Vodka Cranberry Cocktail at a restaurant called 53 Kitchen & Cocktails! I was even more excited when the bartender shared the recipe with me. 

This drink is best with homemade grapefruit infused vodka, but come on. We don’t have that kind of time. Buy grapefruit flavored vodka and the drink will still be very tasty. This cocktail has borderline too many ingredients, but I found what makes it so good are all the different flavors (grapefruit, cranberry, orange from triple sec, lemon/lime and pepper) mixed together in one drink. 

Try it and let me know what you think? Recipe card below:

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