My Family’s Favorite Trader Joe’s Products

Trader Joe’s has kind of a cult following, do you agree? I am a huge Trader Joe’s fan. It’s hard to beat the quality of food for the value, don’t you think? It takes a while to get to the know the store and how to find all their special products as they can be non-descript. I used to go into the store to get just fruits and vegetables, not knowing there was so much more great stuff they offer.

Over time, I’ve discovered many items my family loves and this past weekend tried a few more which Google says are favorites among many. In this post, I outline will them all.

My family’s favorite Trader Joe’s products

Fettucine Alfredo (frozen)


My kids like to make this for an after-school snack. Simple ingredients and super fast to prepare!

Dried strawberries

My boys can’t get enough of these. Pricey for a 2-minute snack ($3.50-$4), but still a great treat and much healthier than chips or sweets.

Chocolate covered bananas (frozen)

My older son and husband are obsessed with these chocolate covered bananas!

Eggplant Cutlets (frozen)

I can eat a whole package in one sitting. A little Rao’s Marinara sauce on top and we are good to go!

Cinnamon rolls

These are dangerously delicious, especially piping hot out of the oven!

Internet’s favorite Trader Joe’s products

Cheddar cheese

This cheese is unique in its kinda-parmesan taste combined with the cheddar. A little grainier than other cheddar, but delicious!

Bean and Cheese Burrito



Previous to trying this, I was buying the bean and rice burritos in the frozen section. These are better! You can find these in the refrigerated section. With fresh avocado and Pico de Gallo (delicious too), it will leave you completely satisfied. My husband likes to bring this in for lunch.

Danish Kringle


What in the world is this huge danish thing? Did I really need to find out about it? These Danish rings from Racine, Wisconsin are hugely popular there, and now I know why! You can find it in the fresh bread section and if not, ask them to grab one out from their freezer. The flavors come in almond or pecan (and maybe others). It tastes like an even more delicious, not as bread-y cinnamon roll. 

Carne asada

This steak rolls out to thin strips of beef that you can grill or fry up quickly. I usually stay away from pre-marinated meats because they are too salty for my family. I was surprised and excited that this carne asada from the meat section was not over-spiced! Delicious to make for a taco/burrito night. 

How many of these products did you already know about? Which one will you try? If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, I hope this post has given you new products to try. Let me know what you think!

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