Pear martini, by Jen Oliak

Pear Martini – The Best Fruity Cocktail You Will Ever Make

Martinis. When is the occasion to enjoy one? If you taste this Pear Martini, I think you’ll say anytime is the perfect time to enjoy a martini! 

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As the holidays approach, we have a lot to celebrate. I love to serve this crisp, tart and sweet martini to my guests who always end up having more than one.

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A few thoughts on the ingredients and tools:

  • Vodka: The problem with the usual pear martini recipe is that it usually calls for Pear Grey Goose.  That and the St. Germaine will make the pear martini close to $8 a drink even when made at home! Although the St. Germaine is not replaceable, the Grey Goose is. My vodka expert friend found this pear vodka called Veil, and it is as close to Pear Grey Goose as you’re gonna get. I’m so happy about this discovery because it is about $20 for a massive bottle vs. $70 for its Grey Goose equivalent.
  • Elderflower syrup: Nothing compares to St. Germaine. Accept it and buy it. It costs about $25 at Costco, $30 at other stores.
  • Lemon or Lime:  I use lemon because I have it all the time. Either is fine.
  • Bitters: Essential pear martini ingredient to balance out the flavors.
  • Juicer:  A juicer is inexpensive and so convenient to have for this drink along with other recipes that call for fruit juice. It gets every drop of liquid from your fruit. Invest in one! It is worth it.
  • Shaker:  I love this set from Amazon. It costs about $13 and has measurements in ounces which makes life so easy for making martinis.  I also like the way the two cups meet to shake the ingredients.  It leaves plenty of room for the ice to move and crush into tiny bits, which is ideal.  Much better than having a small top.

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  • Ice Ball Mold:  I feel so fancy when I use this ice ball! You can buy it on Amazon for $10. I am obsessed with ice in my drinks, so this slow melting ice ball is perfection.

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To finish, garnish with sliced pear or a lemon wedge on the rim.  Or throw some berries in.  I had some raspberries which were perfect for my mood.

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Pear Martini Recipe:

2 oz pear vodka
2 oz St. Germaine
1 oz. lemon or lime
3 splashes of bitters
Fruit for garnish

Enjoy!  And let me know how you and your guests like it!

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