Easy Spicy Tuna Poke Lettuce Wraps

Ok guys. After being paranoid about eating take-out food from restaurants and prepared grocery food, I have arrived at the other side! My family has started eating from restaurants and prepared food from grocery stores about a week ago. After cooking/preparing every meal for about 30? 40? days, I am thrilled about this transition.

Spicy Tuna Lettuce Wraps

This dish isn’t so much a recipe as it is a preparation, because the main ingredient is purchased (tuna-poke), ready-made. It is a quick and easy meal you can put together in 5 minutes. It satisfies our sushi cravings while being easier on the wallet. As a bonus, it is a healthier option than typical sushi rolls filled with rice and mayonnaise. 

ingredients for spicy poke wraps

All you need is a some store-prepared tuna poke, cucumber, lettuce, avocado and some rice vinegar to finish/flavor the dish!

A note about each ingredient:

  • Store-prepared tuna poke

We like our tuna poke to be spicy, but either tastes great. This tuna in the pictures is from Costco and delicious! Bristol Farms is another local grocery that has delicious spicy tuna (and other fish like salmon) poke. 

  • Avocado

I like to dice up 1/2 an avocado per 1 cup of poke, but it is really your own preference.

  • Cucumber

I prefer Persian, English cucumber or Hot House cucumbers which have thinner skins and are sweeter. And, I like to leave the skins on these to for easier cutting and more fiber. Be generous with the cucumber. It pairs perfectly with the tuna and is good for us!

  • Rice vinegar

After mixing all the ingredients together, sprinkle some rice vinegar (or any type of vinegar in your pantry.) I recommend adding a tablespoon at a time and taste after each addition to see if you need more. Personally, I love the tang so I am generous with our vinegar. 

Writing this post makes me want to brave it in the lines at Costco to get more spicy tuna poke! If members in your family want some carbs added to these, make them the Ahi Sushi Rice Cup Dish by adding some rice. 

Enjoy the dish, and let me know how you like it! Stay well. This pause in our lives does have its benefits.

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