Summer Skincare Essentials

There’s nothing like the summertime. Lounging by the pool, enjoying a barbeque with friends, relaxing on the beach. When we think of summer skin, we think smooth, tanned, and glowing. But that is almost never the reality. With all the time spent outdoors, it is easy to feel greasy, sweaty, and sunburnt. And with these feelings also comes the risk of dark spots, and premature aging. 

So, how can we prevent this? Or is this just a risk we will always face when it comes to the summer? It doesn’t have to be. Here are a few easy things I’ve done to perfect my summer skincare routine:

Lighten up!

Ditch your thick winter lotions and creamy cleansers, and exchange them for something simple, such as foaming cleansers and lightweight moisturizers. Less is more with your summer routine; you don’t need to lay on the product as thick, or use nearly as many moisturizers as you would during the dry winter months.

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Wear your sunscreen

SPF is probably the most important part of any summer skincare regimen. The quickest way to age your skin is to let it get blasted by those UV rays with no protection. While facial sunscreen should be used year-round, it is especially necessary in the summer, when we spend a vast majority of our time outdoors. 

Sunscreen should be the last step in your morning skin care routine, to protect your face throughout the day. And you can’t forget to reapply! If you choose to wear make-up, get a powder or setting spray with SPF that can be used to touch up your protection throughout the day. 

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Load up on your antioxidants

In addition to protecting our skin, we should also take steps to prevent barrier breakdown, especially in the summer. Antioxidants are the perfect way to do this; they prevent collagen and elastin loss, which can lead to sagging and wrinkles. Antioxidants can also help prevent sunspots!

There are a few easy ways to get antioxidants into your body. They are naturally found in many fruits, vegetables, and even teas; green tea is a great way to get your antioxidants! If you want to go the more direct route, antioxidants can be found in skin care serums such as Vitamin C or niacinamide. 

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One of the best ways to keep your skin looking bright and young is to give it the moisture it needs. Keeping your outer layer hydrated helps to prevent irritation and redness. During the summer, you don’t want to be slathering on a million moisturizers. In fact, the best thing to do is use a combination moisturizer-and-sunscreen (so you can protect and hydrate!). 

And you can’t forget to drink your water. Bring a bottle with you when you run errands, and make sure the cooler is stocked when you go to the beach. Hydrated skin is happy skin!

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Fight pigmentation

Sun spots and acne scars can be the bane of anyone’s routine, and excess time spent under the summer sun can exacerbate these skin care woes. Of course, the best defense against dark spots and pigmentation is prevention, so slather on that sunscreen!

But how do you deal with existing pigmentation? There are a few ways to brighten the skin; products containing arbutin acid and vitamin c should be your go-tos. A good vitamin c serum can improve the appearance of fine lines and help with collagen production as well. 

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The activities of summer may make it seem impossible to keep up a good skin care routine, but it is so important to maintain healthy habits. Taking care of your skin will help you look and feel young for a long time to come.