Moving Through Times of Change

I consider August to be a month of change and transition, a time where great shifts in our daily life occur. We go from summer to fall, back to school and sports and jobs, moving from a time to play to a time to work. 

This August, in particular, may hold more change for many of us than it usually does. Some of our children may be off to college. We may be heading back into the office, moving away from the work-from-home lifestyle we’ve grown accustomed to in the last year. And our kids could also be transitioning away from remote learning, heading back into the classroom for the first time in a year and a half. 

That’s a lot of change! And sometimes, it can be hard to maintain balance. But there are ways to find this balance, and to stay true to yourself during these times.

Acknowledge the Things are Changing

Change happens all around us; the seasons shift, people are born, people die, and day turns into night. Change is natural and necessary, and we often need it to move on to the next stage in our lives. Acknowledgment is always the first step in any transformation process. By looking at your life and being able to say, “yes, there is a change happening here”, you are accepting the change and will be able to move forward. By giving this transition a name, you are giving yourself permission to be gentle with yourself, and allowing yourself space to shift. 

Exist in the Now

It is easy to feel lost during periods of transition. It may feel like your life has been put on hold, and has moved into a state of limbo. Nothing–and everything–may be moving all at once. It can be easy to fixate on the past or the future, on the “what if…”s and the “back when…”s. But using our energy to focus on these things can make it hard to exist in our current moment, and make it easy to miss the moments that are happening now. Taking some time to focus on the now and on the immediate steps in front of you can help you feel less overwhelmed, and you might even find that you’re excited for the changes ahead!

Find Joy in the Little Things

One of the quickest ways to exist in the present moment is to find joy in the things that are happening to and around you. Take time for yourself to indulge in the simple pleasures of life: enjoy a long walk in nature, spend some time with your family, find comfort in the community that surrounds you. Make sure you utilize your sense of humor. It may be a cliche, but laughter is very good medicine. Spending time with those you love and finding reasons for joy can take your mind off the future, and bring you into the here and now. 

Manage Your Stress

While things may be changing all around you, they are also happening to you; you are blooming, moving from one stage in life to the next. And this can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety. Be sure to manage these emotions; take time for yourself, find those quiet moments to engage in mindfulness activities, like meditating or journaling. Center yourself. Simple self-care can be the key to managing during these stressful times, and can help you find balance in your day to day life. 

Times of change can be challenging. But in the midst of chaos, it is important to remain grounded and true to yourself. Change is a natural part of life, yes, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. Remember: you don’t have to do this alone! Use your coping mechanisms and lean on your loved ones. With help and a little perseverance, you can come through this stronger tan ever.

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