6 Realizations When You Turn 40

Your life is a vibrant compilation of experiences, and whether you are thirty years old or forty years young, every new decade of life brings fresh awakenings. There is always something new to learn about yourself as you get a year wiser.  Something new to feel, that you’ve never felt before.

With each passing decade, we grow older physically, but there is a mental shift when you hit forty. Things have indeed changed. From the way you look to the way you view the world, everything’s got a new ‘I am forty’ feel to it.

It is best to prepare yourself to have certain realizations. They may be about yourself, about your life, about the world in general. If you are having any of the following realizations as you turned 40, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Importance of Enjoying Your Work

You can experiment in your twenties, make some serious money in your thirties, and by the time you are forty – you will understand that all you want from your professional life is to enjoy every minute.

You’re going to be bored of the drag, tired of the hustle, and want to just feel good about what you are doing. You know that your future is here, in the “now” and all you have to do is live it to your fullest.

Gone are the days of wasting your time on things that no longer serve your life’s purpose. You want to cultivate healthy work relationships but you also want that perfect work-life-personal-life balance. You want to spend your time in the office or at work with a natural zeal to do what you’re doing and love every second of it. Simply put, by the time you are forty, you realize that you want to make a living doing what you absolutely love. 

External Validation Isn’t Important

Your growing years may have been spent seeking validation from external sources. Be it your family, friends, partners, media, and whatever made an impression on you. Many decisions, big or small, could have been influenced by the opinions and standards of others. But now you know that these matters concerned only you. You realize that you really don’t need approval from anyone and you should be living life the way you like to.

You know that there is nothing wrong with seeking validation and it is only human, and you are comfortable with the choices you have made. A parallel understanding that no two people, outlooks, and lives are the same, and what works for you may not work for someone else and vice-versa.

Your Metabolism Isn’t the Same

photo by @jonathansborba

There used to be a time when you could eat whatever you felt like, at any time of the day, and be well. Once you turn 40, that certainly changes. You can’t get munchy and eat at odd hours, you’re going to develop gas. 

By the time you are 40, your metabolism slows down tremendously. It takes hardly any time to put on weight but losing those pounds is just that much harder. When you are in your forties, you’re going to realize that you may be most happy in stretchy yoga pants and baggy t-shirts.

You Have Your Priorities Straight

If you’re forty and have achieved most things that you wanted to, by now, you know the importance of setting your priorities. If you haven’t, you know that you need to work on your prioritization skills. Either way, you have no time, patience, or inclination to beat around the bush.

You now know that time is precious, there are only 24 hours in the day, and only so many things you can do. So, you wear the hats that you need to, plan ahead, set realistic goals, and work towards them systematically.

Your Social Life Doesn’t Matter So Much

By forty, you are exhausted and you know who are the people who mean something to you. In the process, you may feel that your social life is too hectic and want to kiss it goodbye. Trust us, it is normal. You understand that you don’t need your social life as much as you used to need it. Now, your idea of fun and relaxation is to do something more private or intimate. You’d rather spend time with your family, just a few friends, or with yourself.

You Identify with Yourself

Everyone has had conflicting views about themselves and who they really are, it is all part of growing up. When you enter your forties, you realize that you have finally figured these things out about yourself. You realize that you know who you are, that you have become the person you wanted to be, and you no longer fight with yourself. By identifying with yourself, you are at peace with your being.

Forty and Fabulous

After having realized so much, turning 40 can only be a fun and cherishing experience. It’s different for different people but the goal should be the same – to take your realizations seriously and reinvent yourself. When you embrace your realizations and accept yourself for who you’ve become, you can welcome new-found joy, peace, happiness, and style into your life for another rocking decade. 

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