Social Media’s Funniest Posts During Social Distancing

You guys, I love to laugh. During times of stress, I think we can all agree it’s a great way to let out some of our anxiety.

I’m sure you’ve seen many of these posts on social media too. They are mixed in with all the alarming, serious, stress inducing posts and news. I don’t know about you, but at this juncture of the COVID-19 pandemic, I could use more of the humor and less of the scary. I wish I could filter them out… which gave me the idea to send YOU a post of just the funnies. I’m fascinated by how creative, clever, and funny human beings can be! 

Here are some of the best posts I’ve seen lately. During such a serious time, it’s a great distraction and not meant to offend or minimize anyone’s feelings who is going through tough times.

Not all of them are sourced because some were sent to me by friends. Sending you lots of laughter and love.

Social Media’s Funniest Posts During Social Distancing


Chelsanity’s whole post here

And the most important message of them all:

Stay safe, guys. In the scheme of things, this will be just a blip of our lives. We will be ok!

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