No Sew DIY Bra Masks

The grocery store is probably the most germ infested place we can visit right now during this quarantine period.

The latest news about the spread of COVID-19 is that it infects people via hard surfaces, droplets, and even aerosol (in the air for hours.) What scares me most is that many may not show symptoms and spread their germs without realizing.

bra face mask quarantine

“We want everyone in masks that’s handling our food and medicine etc. We should all be in masks walking around outside now. Like Asia. We are not testing people as readily as we want to, so it’s time to assume we are positive and act like it. This can end.” ~ from my friend Dr. Anne Lee who is helping healthcare workers on the front line get access to face protection. 

Why not protect yourself and others from you, by making a mask with products you have at home? I don’t know about you, but I don’t sew, nor do I want to learn. This is a protective, easy mask you can make in a few minutes!

I see many people making masks with 100% cotton. Those don’t work well, nor do scarves! See the graph below. 

grid showing effectiveness of fabric to capture virus

Any material is better than 0 material to cover your face.

You want as many layers as you can be comfortable with, and a cotton mix is up there on the graph as being more protective than many other fabrics. An old bra is the perfect cotton mix! And how many pad inserts have you taken out from clothes you buy that you don’t need? They are perfect for masks!

No Sew DIY Bra Mask

bra inserts and old bras for DIY masks during quarantine

What you’ll need:

  • Bra inserts or old bras
  • bra strap, hair ties, string, elastic, etc.
  • sharp tool to poke holes


  1. Poke a hole on each side of the bra cup.
  2. Insert bra strap or string and tie. 
  3. Put it on so it covers your nose and mouth. Adjust fit for comfort and make sure you can talk and breath comfortably.

Tada! That’s it!

If you want to make it nicer, place the bra insert into a pretty lace bra you no longer need! This one below is so pretty and has a wire to keep its structure! Sadly, it doesn’t fit me anymore but now I can show it off!

bra face mask quarantine

If you don’t have a bra strap to easily hook onto the mask, use hair ties! Just loop tie them to make them the length you want and also loop into holes you make on each side of the mask. 

make strap using elastic hair ties

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Wishing you and your family a peaceful “stay at home period.”

bra mask

Gotta have a little humor to keep sane!

bra face mask quarantine

I’m ready to go pick up my car from it’s flat tire fix! When you have to go out, be sure to wear glasses, a hat, and gloves to protect as much as you can. DO NOT take off your mask or touch it while you are out or you will contaminate yourself!

Here is my video showing how to make DIY Bra Masks. Don’t mind my half face makeup… eyelash tutorial coming soon! Remember to get on my email list for other great posts like this to survive during this koo koo time! I’m also on Instagram stories quite often! 

And here is my ensemble with the prettier lace bra if you want to be more fashionable. Enjoy! 

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