Palos Verdes Tide Pools

Visiting California and looking for a ocean hiking destination? Come visit the Paleos Verdes Tide Pools! Check out all the wonderful things to see in sunny CA! #ozofsalt #palosverdestidepools #visitcalifornia

It’s Dave’s birthday today! We spent a tranquil day at the Palos Verdes tide pools (not Abalone Cove) that only fishermen seem to know about! If you are an adventurous family, definitely check this place out. There is so much to explore, and the views are breathtaking.

2016-04-16 14.22.45

This is the walkway to the trail down to the tide pools. The entrance is straight ahead past the bars. There is a dirt trail that leads to the bottom.


Enter at your own risk! Kids should be at least 7, as the trail down is very steep and slippery. You will need shoes with good traction. Can you imagine the view from here?

IMG_1755Looking fresh on the way down with picnic in hand. You should have seen me on the way up! Huffing and puffing, it wasn’t pretty.

IMG_1722We went at low tide to see all the sea creatures. No starfish today, but still plenty other animals to see. It feels like we are a thousand miles away from home.

IMG_1727Stella and Rosco came along. A bit hot for them today.

IMG_1738All ready for lunch.

IMG_1728Looking for treasures.

IMG_1733 Sea anemone. Justin and Jake would put their fingers in and they would close up around them. Fun watching the boys giggle as they did this.

IMG_1741 Baby crab. In the summer there are thousands but I guess in spring they are all tiny — this was the general size.

IMG_1731Baby crab leg nibbling at Justin’s finger.

IMG_1743Hermit crabs.

IMG_1749The walk back up is always dreaded but the kids seem to fly up.

IMG_1753See Justin at the top in the white Tshirt? Very steep!

2016-04-17 11.05.26
Click here for the trail head location since it isn’t marked. Walk to Seascape Trail and you should see the trail just beyond the railing. There is street parking in a residential area just near the trail. Hope you can find it! It truly feels like you are on an island far away.

Palos Verdes Tide Pools