My 7 Favorite Products in February

My favorite things in February consist of stuff that makes my life easier. Easier to maintain a quick but effective beauty regimen, easier to see while not looking like a middle aged nerd, easier to relax my muscles at home while enjoying a glass of wine. I hope you find them helpful!

1. Gel UV Nail Lamp 

This UV LED Nail Lamp has answered my prayers for a no-nonsense solution to having clean and strong nails.I noticed the local drug stores don’t sell UV/LED activated nail polish or light machines. Amazon sure makes things more accessible.  

File/buff your nails on top beforehand or the polish will peel off quickly. This machine is so great, I may never go back to the nail salon! I use it every 2 weeks. 

2. Gel Base and Top Coat 

I’ve been using this AIMEILI Gel base and top coat nail polish for about a month, and I love it. I haven’t found a good colored gel polish yet (the ones I’ve tried have been too thick,) so I’ve been using just these two to sport a clear-polish look. It sure beats having to hide my chipped nail polish in my jewelry pictures! 


3. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat

I got this Shiatsu massager for my husband for Valentine’s Day. I’ve used it more than he has over the last 2 days. What an efficient little machine! I love that I can slip my hands into the rest and hold the thing in place. It heats up, which makes me feel warm and cozy! The massage is deep tissue and wonferful! Great for sore muscles and to loosen up. 

4. Keils Multi-Correction Cream

They sent this Multi Correction Cream with spf 30 to me as a courtesy to try out. Well, it is the bomb. Smart company, that Keils. The smell is so lovely, it’s like I laid down on a massage bed and had someone sprinkle a fresh, beautiful scent around me. Makes me feel pampered and clean.

5. Bobby Brown Foundation Stick 

This foundation stick is my lifeline to go from sun spots and uneven pigment to smooth, glowing skin in 3 minutes! I’ve posted this one before, but it’s worth another mention because I love it so much! The Bobby Brown Skin Foundation Stick in color 046-Warm Beige is the perfect weight to cover the circles under my eyes without feeling cakey. Make sure you get the right color for your skin. I buy a shade lighter than foundation for my concealer, which works well for me. 

6. “Natural” Fake Eyelashes By Andrea #53

You know when you see people with obvious botox/filler and you think,”Are you meaning to tell the world you are getting injections?!” That’s how I feel about people who wear those big lashes that are clearly fake. What is the point if they don’t look natural? I’m always on the hunt for natural looking strip lashes. 

I had been getting lash extensions for over 10 years until COVID. Now that I’m not going out all the time, I don’t need the upkeep and expense of the extensions. Instead, when I get dressed for a work day, I’ll throw these Andrea #53 lash strips on. They make me look more awake and youthful. And natural! And I like that they aren’t too wide across like many other brands. 

7. OCCI CHIARI Oversized Readers

I wasn’t a believer of $15 readers until these arrived on my doorstep. If you wear readers like me (I’m a 1.5 magnification,) and like to have fun with your looks, these OCCI CHIARI’s are a great option. Think a squared version of the Iris Apfel glasses we adore. 

I hope you enjoyed my February finds. If you buy a product through my Amazon link, I will get a few cents. The Nordstrom and other links are not affiliated in any way. Let me know if you get any of these and how they work for you! 

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