Let’s Celebrate Valentine’s Week

Many years ago for Christmas, my husband bought me white towels. I remember opening them and being speechless. Speechless because I couldn’t believe of all the things in the world, how he chose towels to gift to me.. and in plain white, no less!

But in his mind, he was gifting me the fluffy white towels from Bloomingdales. The nice ones we find at 5 star hotels. He thought it would make me feel pampered. He thought I would love it. 

Men are from Mars, and women from Venus! 

Fast forward to this past Christmas, I was blown away by the thought he put into planning my gifts. They were small items, like a cute, artist-made computer stand to rest on my lap because he noticed me working late bending over my computer on my legs. Another gift was a professional, machine-controlled air freshener for my home office after seeing how 4 out of 5 pets insist on hanging out with me each day I work from home. Each gift was something that said “I Love You.” “I See You.” 

We’ve come a long way since those white towels. 

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Dave sometimes gets me roses or an orchid. Sometimes, I get nothing. It’s one of those holidays that feels more obligatory than thoughtful, right?

I thought about my men customers for my fine jewelry business and imagined them surprising their partners with a gift when they were least expecting it. It reminded me of how my Christmas presents from Dave made me feel. So, I emailed them this story. 

But doesn’t it apply to us all? 

With the craze of our world today and the wake up call to live with more meaning, surprises to let our loved ones know how much we care is a great idea. 

I’m thinking about ways to make my husband feel loved this weekend. Also to make my kids, my mom, my friends and in general, everyone who fills my life with happiness feel loved this weekend. 

Whether it’s a computer tray, a piece of jewelry, or a simple note that says “I Love You,” let’s focus this week on how we will show our LOVE! And let’s celebrate.

But as a funny, check out this video my client sent to me in reference to the white towels. I think many married couples can relate! 


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