My 10 minute nighttime regimen

Do you wonder what women do for their nighttime regimens? I feel like I should be doing more. But as vain as I am (lol), I don’t have the time or patience to spend longer than 10 minutes on my face every day. For those 10 minutes, I believe in using only high-quality products as our pores absorb everything!

I do treat myself to deep facials every month in Los Angeles for 90 minutes to get the added hydration and care I need.

(Thanks for purchasing through my affiliate links at no extra cost to you! Some of these products are via affiliates, some are not – all are products I use daily!)

My 10-minute nighttime regimen

Dr. Grandel 2 in 1 Face Wash

This daily face wash is my go-to cleanser. I love how light and foamy it is, and it is quicker than other products to rinse off. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.

I’ve been using these products from Malie Organics which have been great for my skin. The facial scrub is a deep clean scrub that I use once a week to exfoliate my dead skin. The eye and face lotion feel light enough to wear night or day but do a great job in moisturizing my face.

With all the news on harmful ingredients in beauty products these days, I feel good that the ingredients in these Malie products are all natural. The scents remind me of my family’s time in Hawaii!

Malie Organics Facial Scrub

Malie Organics Moisturizer

Malie Organics Eye Cream

Latisse Allergan Eyelash Serum

Have you tried this eyelash strengthener? I’ve been using it for years. Since I get eyelash extensions each month, I have to use this to keep my base natural lashes strong enough to handle the extensions.

Some people say they had their eye color change using this product. Others say it caused their skin to become more sensitive. I have had no issues with this product, other than its price (ave $150)! There are so many similar products on the market for lashes, but this is the only I have found that works. To make the bottle last longer, I don’t use the brush. Instead, I use my fingertip which doesn’t waste a drop!

Labello Lip Moisturizer

It’s important to moisturize our lips before bed, so we have the overnight effects. My kids turned me on to this lip treatment. It feels smoother and lighter than chapstick.

AP24 Whitening Toothpaste by Nuskin

If you know me personally or have been following my blog, you know I’m obsessed with this toothpaste. Read my blog post; I finally found a whitening toothpaste that actually works to learn more.

Even my dentist uses it, and it’s the best product on the market to protect our teeth from staining as well as whitening without bleach/peroxide! Try it – it’s only $20 plus tax, and it will last you up to 6 weeks! I use no water when I brush with it (until I rinse) and I brush for a minimum of 2 minutes to get the best effect of the paste.



Dental care has been a big thing for me the past few years, especially since I started my Invisalign braces. When I was younger, I didn’t need braces and thought I’d have great teeth and gums forever. I wasn’t consistent about flossing each day. Now, my gums feel like they are receding and I make sure to floss as much as I can – I shoot for once a day. This style of flossers make it easy!

That’s it. My nighttime regimen. It’s pretty quick and basic, but it works for me. What’s a product you can’t live without for your face care routine?

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