February 2017- Ten Things I Love

Hi guys! I’ve rounded up my best finds to share with you for the month of February. Here are ten things I love. ps. I am not being sponsored for any of these items – I just love them!

Ten Things I Love

Home and Kitchen

1. Egg Mold for sunny side up eggs

I picked up this egg mold from Sur Le Table last week. My older son loves sunny side up eggs and thought this was the best thing ever. Instead of flipping the eggs to finish cooking them, I put a lid over the pan for a few seconds to briefly cook the top of the yolk. Amazon has them for $11.95!

2. Teddy Bear Convertible Neck Pillow

I found 2 bear pillows from a local store and my kids (ages 11 and 12) love them! They are adorable and the perfect travel pillow which doubles as a stuffed animal. My older son has been sleeping with his (shhh). I also found them on Amazon for $14.99-19.99 and it turns out, there are many different animals to choose from!

3. Sheepskin Throw/Rug

I had this chair in my bathroom with a suede cover, but it was starting to get discolored and worn out. I bought this sheepskin double pelt rug, laid it on top of the chair and, ta da – luxurious and bright. It can be put on the floor in the bedroom or bathroom as well. It will give your room a luxurious finish!

4. Karaoke Machine

The kids and I singing Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”- We were getting into it!

I had a mom and kid party a few weeks ago and this karaoke machine was a great tool to liven things up! It hooks up to the Ipad via hard wire or blue tooth and the Ipad’s songs come through the speakers clearly.  The kids knew how to connect to Youtube to show the words. They know everything to do with technology these days.

Memorex Sing Stand 3 MKSSS3 Home Karaoke System with Bluetooth and Two Microphones $62. What beats that price for a night of singing your favorite songs?

Comes with 2 microphones and very lightweight


5. Natural Looking False Eyelashes

My friend was wearing these the other day and they looked so natural. I was surprised when she said she found them at Target! When she told me they are re-usable a few times, I was sold.

Although I get eyelash extension refills each month from my aesthetician in Los Angeles, sometimes I need a touch up before I can get up to LA.  But the lashes at the MAC counter are too dramatic for me, and until these, I hadn’t seen other lashes that didn’t look “fake.”

I love that these Eylure Natural lashes come with an applicator to hold the lash in place as you are putting on the glue and to help place the lashes on. My hands are wobbly, so I need all the help I can get. And guess what? Yes, I found them on Amazon! These are No. 31 (which I prefer) but they also have No. 20 (which my friend wears and are a bit lighter).

6. Laura Mercier Lipstick

Velour Lovers Lip Color – French Kiss . I know lipstick is a personal choice since people have different skin tones, but I feel this color would work on most people! This is one of those lipsticks you would never choose if you didn’t try it. The color when on my lips is a beautiful pink, like shown in the picture above. Isn’t it pretty? I love it.

7. Faux Leather Red Skirt from Zara

Photo by Benjamin Benoit.      Styled by Pauline Saltzmann

This faux red leather skirt is so comfortable, yet flattering. Who doesn’t love a statement skirt? And I love how it is only $36! Does it get better? I love Zara!

8. Bow Heels

source: isatapia.com

These Isa Tapia bow heels are available in Blush and Black suede (no more red).  I love how whimsy these heels are! They are comfortable too.

sidenote: (Click here to read my post with info on the sunglasses)

9. Zara Purse

This ivory fabric bag can be worn cross body or the strap can be pulled through to be carried as a regular bag. It can be a clutch too! The beading is intricate and fun. It is even prettier in person! Find it at Zara for $69.90.


10. TV Shows

This is Us on NBC – This show replaces Parenthood as the tear jerking, heart strings pulling drama I love to watch. The acting is very good and I find myself relating to each of the characters in different ways. Mandy Moore is a co-star and I adore her!

The Affair on Showtime – This show is on Season 3 and has both my husband and me captivated.  It is a suspense/drama about a man (Noah) who is unfaithful to his wife during what seems to be a mid-life crisis. It spends half the time presenting the show from the perspective of Noah, and the other half from the perspective of Alison (mistress) or his ex wife (Helen).


So, there you have it. My ten things I love in February. What are some things YOU love this month? I would love to know! It’s great to share information, don’t you think?

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