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Do you have a list of favorite things you can’t live without? Do you notice certain things your friends have and get excited to go get the same thing? It’s fun to learn about cool finds my friends discover. I wish we could have a “round table” about all of our favorite things!

I feel like as we get older, it becomes more about classic, timeless, quality looks than trendy ones. Although, it’s fun to find a trend here and there and be able to look good wearing them.

This post lists a few of MY favorite things.

Free People Florence Wire Frame Sunnies $25

How cute are these? I love sunglasses but hate spending a lot of money on them. I am guilty of spending hundreds of dollars on designer glasses only to lose them or have them break shorty after purchasing.

This year, the sunglass trends have been unique looking, cat eye, statement glasses. I just bought these in gold.  How cool are they? And they don’t look cheap like most sunglasses at this price point.

I don’t usually shop at Free People as I feel their clothes are now a bit too young for me. But I was excited to find these at the store by my house!

sunglasses  sunglasses1


Two Tone Abbey Road Sunglasses $20

These two toned tortoise shell glasses were a staple for me this summer. I love how fun they are and how they brighten up my face.

sunglasses2 sunglasses3


Victoria Secret Strapless Bralette $20

It’s been years since I shopped at Victoria Secret. But I went in there the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see they don’t feature those heavily padded push up bras anymore.

I was happy to find this bra which has underwire but no padding. Its pretty lace material can peek out from shirts that don’t have full coverage. It is comfortable and doesn’t squeeze into my back fat as many bras like this tend to do! The underwire holds the bra in place better than the standard strapless bandeaus I own.

bra  bra1

Sharpie Marker to Hide Grey Hair

Do you feel like new grey hairs pop up every day? I will dry and style my hair, be about to go out and just as I’m leaving, see a new gray hair in full view. I rely on my black sharpie to cover my greys quickly and easily. You can buy concealer products at the store too, but I find this to be an easier solution that works for me. They have thick sharpies in brown shades too! Did you already know about this one? I didn’t, until my hair dresser told me about it.


Pony Tail Clip from Madewell $12.50

My friend from New York was in town and wearing this gorgeous clip in a gold finish. I told her I wanted one but almost fell over when she told me it costs $70 (Sold at Creatures of Comfort)! See below (in purple) – they seemed to have sold out of the metal finishes! Amazing.


Source: glitterinc

pony-tail pony-tail-clip

I found this gold one at Madewell for $12.50! My hair is really thick so it is hard to fit it all in but I love this clip over the standard rubber band.

Laura Mercier Concealer and Lipstick

fullsizerender-1  img_3042

Wow, I’m noticing how straight my teeth have become! Have you read my post on what Invisalign is like? I’m on them now and have only a few weeks left. They have worked great for me and in such a short time! Anyway, I’m wearing this concealer and lipstick in the picture.

Lipstick – I found this great color which isn’t really pink but not quite red either. It is a deep, hot pink almost red color that brightens up my face when I need to look more dressed up. Why is lip color so impossible? It takes me forever to find a shade that works, so when I do, I use it for many years. I am crazy about this color.

I can’t live without my under eye concealer. It saves me when I wake up with dark circles under my eyes. I’ve tried so many brands. This is the only one I will use.

Chloe Scalloped Shoes

I love these shoes more now than when I first bought them a few months ago. They will change your outfit from casual to elegant! I’ve left the price out so my mother-in-law doesn’t balk :)… yes, just click on the link below and you will see.

The heel is just high enough to give height without being uncomfortable. The block heel gives a more classic look.

My Favorite Things Style and Beauty - chloe

These are timeless and I know I will wear them for years.


I love the flats too. And look at the beige pumps! So classy. Neiman Marcus has a variety of scalloped Chloe shoe styles.

Fendi 2Jours Petite Tote

I love this bag for its classic look, two toned color & textured material as well as its versatility. I wear it mostly as a day time cross body bag using its straps, but it can be used as a handle bag (in the picture) for a more elegant look. It holds so much stuff! I like the zipper compartment in the middle, the slots for sunglasses, etc and the spacious openings.

Isn’t the color great? I got this gorgeous bag from Riccardo of Proven Luxury at the California Market Center in Los Angeles. And I did not pay retail! Call to see what designer bags he has in stock and go visit him. You will pay less than retail for a brand new, authentic designer bag.

503304995_7_bagmodel 503304995_1_bagfrontfendi2jorurs

So, if you were to make a list of your favorite things this fall, what would they be? I would love to hear about them! We can all use a little help, can’t we? Will you go grab anything from my list? If so, which one?

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