Cucumber Honey Lemon Vodka Martini

New Cocktail Alert! I am loving this new concoction for the spring and summer. It is my Cucumber Honey Lemon Vodka Martini. 

Cucumber is a popular ingredient in drinks lately. The fresh taste of this vegetable mixed with lemon and honey makes a great warm weather combo.

This drink can be served with club soda added in just before serving, or not. Depends how much of a kick you want in your drink. If you add club soda, serve in a tumbler glass with ice. I like to use martini glasses for my cocktails, so I tend to add just a splash to top off my drink. The choice is yours!

I know you will love this when you try it for yourself.

Ingredients for Cucumber Honey Lemon Vodka Martini

  • Cucumber Vodka (Or vodka infused with fresh cucumber) 2 oz
  • Persian Cucumber- 2 chopped into small pieces and muddled
  • Lemon 2, or 2 oz
  • Honey 1 teaspoon
  • Club Soda 1-2 oz (Fever Tree is the best brand but pricey)


Chop cucumber into small slices and muddle.

Squeeze fresh lemon (do not use store bottled)

Measure vodka and mix with muddled cucumber slices.  Allow it to infuse for 10 minutes. Alternatively, use cucumber vodka. I like to use cucumber vodka with fresh muddled cucumber added for a stronger cucumber taste.

Add honey and mix well (with whisker to mix in the honey)

Add lemon to vodka mix.

Add in martini shaker with ice and shake 20 times. Note: Picture above is a mason car cocktail holder I made for a party. Make ahead and add in club soda over ice after shaking.

Pour into martini glass. I love to use ice balls. Find the link to buy them on my Favorite Kitchen Items post.

Add club soda to finish.

Add a slice of cucumber or lemon as garnish for the glass. Cheers!

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