2017 Halloween Costume Ideas for Fun People

It’s Halloween time! Do you like to dress up? Every year, I surf the internet for ideas, to be led to sites like Halloweencostumes.com with skimpy Wonder Woman outfits or this year, “Mother of Dragons,” Daenerys Targaryen. I vow that I am not going to dress up this year, as Halloween is for kids. But without fail, as it gets closer, I cave and rush to put something together.

I am not sure what I’m going to be. But I’ll think of something! If you’re looking for some fun ideas, here are some costumes I’ve worn in the past!

2017 Halloween Costume Ideas

Big Bobble-Head

Back when my kids were younger and I wasn’t much into dressing up, I matched them with a big Skeleton Bobble-head. Everyone loves this bobblehead. For some reason though, it makes people want to hit us as they walk by… especially when it’s dark during trick or treating. I’m serious. So, wear with caution!

Anime Eyes

One year, my kids wanted to be characters from Mario Brothers. I wanted to dress up with them, but was looking for a fun spin on a Mario related costume. I was inspired by anime tutorials on You Tube!

source: youtube

I did a practice run first.. not bad, right?

My younger son wasn’t on board to be Mario, so we settled for our dog to be Bowser instead.

A work of art! 

Ta Da… Princess Peach! Ahh the good old days when my kids thought I was cool. I even got to read a book to the 3rd grade class in this get-up.

Zipper Face

One year, my son wanted to wear Skeleton Bobble-head, so I looked for something ghoulish to match.

Perfect fit. This is life with two boys!

source: pinterest

Basic version

source: pinterest

Advanced version

Always helps to do a test run before Halloween.

My friends are always cute and feminine, while I’m gross and spooky.

Run-away Bride

Then came 2016. I had a half marathon to run (Read my fun post from the race), as well as wanting to do something cool with makeup. My girlfriends and I were Run-away Bride, Ghoulish Bride and Groom!

During the race!

After the race… we held up well, if I can say so myself!

Double Eyes

I had to work in some fun illusionary makeup for the rest of Halloween, so I chose Double Face.

Double Face Cowgirl. My friend, Jodi… what is she? Beautiful is what she is (you can tell she used to be a model)!

Me and my family of horses.

Unicorn Double Face!

Of all these make up faces, the Zipper-Face is the easiest. Double face is difficult.

What are you planning on being for Halloween? Do you have fun 2017 Halloween costume Ideas? For more fun costume pictures, read Beth’s post on my blog about shocking people with confidence. You will laugh out loud!

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