Shock People with Your Confidence and Humor! By Beth Wood

Do you know people that are so funny, they make you laugh so hard you have tears streaming down your face?  And they can be so unabashed and shocking,they leave you and the rest of the room speechless?

I admire these people.  They possess the freedom to be exactly who they want to be without concern for what others think. So many people struggle with this – I know I do. Are these people born with those qualities?  Or is this sureness of themselves built over time?

I have a friend named Beth, who is one of these people. I asked her to describe where she got her “no fear” attitude based on the crazy get-ups she wears to costume parties causing everyone’s jaw to drop. You’ll see what I mean by the end of this post!

The following is what Beth said,

When I was a kid, my mom made my sister and I “assemble” our own costumes for Halloween. That usually meant going through the dress up clothes in the basement and coming up with a costume. Usually there was enough to be a hobo, gypsy, old lady or a fancy hooker.

When I was 8, my mom sewed a pig nose and pig ears out of imitation leather and I become my idol, Miss Piggy. I was even featured in the town newspaper.

Miss Piggy DIY Halloween Costume

I grew up moving every few years. After leaving a party, my dad would always say, “Everyone loved you, you have interesting things to say.  They said you have a great personality.”

It wasn’t until years later when I realized that although I didn’t even talk to anyone at the party, my dad was planting seeds of confidence in me. He also taught me not to be ashamed of my shortcomings.  That being transparent and humble with humor and self deprecation is always better than trying to hide who I am.

As years went by, these messages from my dad shaped me.  I’m bold humorous in social situations because of his influence… It’s especially obvious if you look back at my Halloween costumes over the years.

In my mid-twenties, when my friends were dressing up as sexy nurses, hot teachers or witches in their underwear for Halloween, I went the opposite direction. To me, being able to make fun of myself has always been the better option. I don’t get embarrassed easily and I don’t aim to impress people.

I never buy costumes. I find accessories at goodwill and throw them in the closet until I know what to do with them.

My best find was a fat suit. I ended up cutting the boobs off the suit and using them as a butt for my Iggy Azalea costume.

DIY Funny Halloween Costume

I also used them for my Dolly Parton costume. When I was dressed as Dolly, I was the MC and talked southern all night. Now I can’t stop speak’in like a southerner.  It’s so fun, y’all should try it for a day.

DIY Funny Halloween Costume

When Erik and I went to a party as Gina and Salvadore, representing Italy (via New Jersey), I couldn’t stop speaking in a Jersey accent. Some people thought I was nuts- who cares.

DIY Funny Halloween Costume

One of my most bold-and fun- costumes was when I walked out of my house in a long sweater wrap and microphone in my hand.  I told my kids I was going to the Halloween party as a reporter. Hang on, it gets better.

DIY Funny Halloween Costume

I walked around the party for a while, telling people I was a reporter (yawn).

Earlier in the day, I had no idea what I was going to be, until I found a nude colored body suit mixed in with our Halloween stuff.

I don’t know why, but I grabbed an old wig, cut a giant triangle out and stapled it onto the body suit. I took 2 make up sponges, put bronzer on them and stapled them on. I heard my husband come up the stairs, so I quickly threw on my sweater wrap.

When he walked by the closet, I flashed him.  He jumped and yelled!

I knew then, I was going to the party as a flasher.

DIY Funny Halloween Costume

Right now you’re either laughing or are offended.  If you’re laughing, we’ll definitely be friends.

Some of the best times I’ve had are when I focused on fun and not what people thought.  I thank my dad for giving me that bold confidence… And I dare you to give it a try!

Live free. Laugh a lot!

By Beth Wood

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