The healthy way to obtain a beach wave hairstyle

Self-care can apply to various areas of our lives. For me, part of self-care is looking my best. And hairstyles make up a big part of our “look.” In this post, I will discuss the healthy way to obtain a beach wave hairstyle.

This is my everyday look. If I am going out for a special occasion, I will usually blow my hair out straight. The heat from a hair dryer damages our hair so I don’t blow my hair out each day. It also takes too long!

Last year I received a “digital perm.” Have you heard of it? Ugh, it fried my hair and has just recently grown out. My post on Permanent Makeup, Digital Perms and more discusses my experience.

But one good styling technique I learned through getting the treatment, is how to style my hair to get natural looking beach waves without using heated rollers.

One note about this method – you need at least a bit of natural wave in your hair. If it is pin straight, this styling method will not work.

However, if you have some wave or curls, this will give you waves without the frizz.

Watch the video for a visual on my styling to achieve a beach wave hairstyle. Step by step instructions below.

What You Need

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment Bottle

L’Oreal Gel

Ceramic Xtreme

A ceramic hairdryer is beneficial to nearly all hair types. The inside of a ceramic hairdryer is specially coated to help distribute the heat evenly. In a traditional hairdryer, the airflow can be uneven. Your hair will dry faster and incur less damage in the process.

Revlon Long Lasting Extra Loose Curls Curling Iron 


Instructions for a beach wave hairstyle

  • After towel drying my hair, I apply Morrocanoil to my ends.
  • I use a basic hair gel like Loreal and apply a nickel-size amount from my roots to the ends.
  • I section my hair into 3 parts.
  • Using a twirling motion, I take each part and twirl into a very loose bun and secure it with a clip.
  • Using a blowdryer, I dry my hair by section starting with the hair in the bun.
  • As the hair starts to dry, I release from the bun and dry it while twirling with my hands. I move through sections a bit of drying at a time, then re-clipping loosely to air dry until I come back to it.
  • Many days I’ll leave my hair 70% dry and keep in these clips for hours until I take them out. But you can continue to blow dry in twirls until your hair is 100% dry.
  • The twirling motion keeps your hair from becoming frizzy and gives that beach wave look.
  • When your hair is dry, curl a few pieces with a thick rod curling iron to give it more style.

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