Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere

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Have you worked out with resistance bands? Yes, I know the cover pic is of a super fit man jumping rope which doesn’t seem related to exercising with resistance bands… but that’s Tommy! And he is the feature of this post and workout.

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I recently purchased a resistance band on Amazon to help me get better with my chin ups. Lately, I’ve noticed people using “no rubber” bands for total conditioning. I was looking for something to do outside after I finish my runs. The band is so portable; I can wrap it around my wrist while I run. It’s also an inexpensive, use-anywhere tool to help anyone get stronger.

I asked fitness trainer, Tommy Cassano if he could show me some exercises to get a full body resistance band workout using one rubber band.

Tommy is the founder of the 28-day life-changing Dedicated Detox program which has helped thousands reset their daily habits and learn the most progressive metrics for longevity.

He is also the co-owner of Beastie gym in Manhattan Beach where his focus is optimizing the fitness, mindset, and health of pro athletes, celebrities, and corporate training for CEOʼs, Presidents, and Executives of companies.

As you can see in the pictures above, Tommy is in superb shape. I was excited to have him guide me in an efficient workout using the band.

My goal was to obtain some basic strength training band exercises I could complete in about 20 minutes (excluding warm-up and stretches).  I am so excited to share this great “Tommy Band Workout” with you!

Tommy’s Full Body Resistance Band Workout

(don’t get too excited girls, he’s got his shirt on)

Warm Up

Start with at least a brisk walk or jog for a minimum of 5 minutes to get your blood flowing. If your body is not sufficiently warmed up, you will be tight when performing these exercises and can pull a muscle. If you have more than 30 minutes for your workout, I recommend running a few miles for your warm-up (read my post on how to start running).

Upper Body: 3 sets of 8-10, 30 seconds rest in between sets

Bicep Curls

Plant your feet shoulder-width apart with the band under your feet.  With your elbows close to your sides, curl the band up toward your shoulders. Extend your arms all the way down.  Repeat. Do this 8-10 times.  Rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat two more times making a total of 3 sets.

Shoulder Raises

Start with your arms extended down in front of your thighs, holding the band with both hands. Pull the band up along the front of your body, lifting your elbows at the top to make a V.  Lift your elbows as high to the sides as you can.  Bring your arms back down.

Tricep Extensions

Loop the band around a bar above your head as shown below.

Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere

Step away from the bar to a position with resistance that is comfortable for you.  Standing shoulder width apart and leaning forward slightly, bend your arms behind you until you make right angles with your arms while keeping your elbows shoulder level.  Pull forward to extend your arms, keeping them at shoulder level.  Repeat.

One Arm Chest Press

Hold the band in one hand.  Step the same side leg back.  Bend your elbow and bring your arm back in a one arm row.  Your arm should bend back as far as your flexibility allows. Extend your arm.  Repeat.

Back Rows

Hold the band with two hands extended in front of you, chest level.  Bend your arms back, elbows behind you as far as your flexibility allows.  Extend arms back in front. As you bend your arms, squeeze your back muscles together as tight as you can.  Repeat.

Chin Ups – Back, Biceps, Shoulders, Core

Finally!  The reason I got a resistance band in the first place. Chin ups are super hard for women to master.

For people who can’t do any chin ups, Tommy recommends doing jump ups to get stronger. With arms underhand and holding the bar, jump up as high as you can and then land in a squat position while hands remain on the bar.  Repeat.

Next level chin up – Use the band to assist by looping it over the bar and stepping on the band with one foot as you do your chin ups.

Finally (and I am not here yet), do full unassisted chin ups! If you get here, please send me a video. I will be so excited to see you!

Lower Body:  3 sets of 15, 30 seconds rest in between sets

Hip Raises – Hips, Thighs, and Butt

Start with the band under your feet, shoulder width apart.  Hold the band using one hand. Now lift the opposite leg to the side as high as it will go. Repeat. Flex your butt muscles while you do this to work your tush at the same time as your hips! Do this on both sides.

Good Mornings – Lower Back and Hips

Start with the band under your feet, shoulder width apart.  Lift the band over your head and place on the back of your neck.  Keeping your back straight, bend down in a right angle until your upper body is perpendicular to the ground.  Come back to standing position.  Repeat.  This exercise is incredible for your lower back and hip muscles.

Holding Squat – Butt

Hold the rubber band with extended arms, shoulder width apart. Bend your knees into a squat position. The band will help you keep your balance and work your arm muscles at the same time. Hold for 15-3o seconds. Repeat.

Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere


By this point in the workout I am tired and just want to go home. But it is important to do at least a few key stretches before your finish. Hold each stretch for at least 10 seconds.  See the pictures below.

Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere  Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere

Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere

Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere

Remember, we are all at different levels, so do what you can and build up. The important thing is to take the first step and get out there!

Once you master the workout, adjust the resistance of the band by stepping your feet wider apart. When the band is looped around a bar, step further back from the bar to increase the challenge.

Will you try this full body resistance band workout? I am going to do this a couple of days a week.  I would love to hear how this Tommy Band Workout works for you! Share your story.  Let’s get stronger, together!

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Full body resistance band workout you can do anywhere