Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit Success

If you like good photography, read on. If you enjoy watching people follow their passion, read on. And if you love dreams being realized by hard work, read on! There’s an up and coming photographer in town. You’ll want to remember his name.

This post is dedicated to my blog photographer and friend, Benjamin Benoit.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

October 20, 2016

The Sponsors

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit Success

“Rosecrans Blur” featured at entry. Isn’t it beautiful?

I had the pleasure of attending Ben’s first large art show this week where, along with 200 guests, I saw his prints come to life.

This event was sponsored by Kit and Ace, Craft Shack (owned by Simmzy’s group), Effen Vodka and Makers Mark. South Bay Magazine was there to cover the night.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit -kit and ace

Kit and Ace hosted the event. Photo by Kristin Andersen


Vox DJs provided a compilation of Ben’s favorite songs. Photo by Kristin Anderson

My Favorite Things for the Kitchen-effen vodka

Open Bar by Makers Mark


And Effen Vodka provided mixed drinks. Photo by Kristin Anderson


Fish tacos were provided by Craft Shack. Photo by Kristin Anderson

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

People trickled in throughout the evening. Photo by Kristin Anderson.

The Event

The evening was a special celebration.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Over 200 guests attended. I loved the vibe of the guests.  Very laid back and all were excited for Ben.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Guests admiring “Lower Manhattan Cobble” (from ceiling) and the triptychs prints of ” Beach Walk” (on table).

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Contemplating “Pier Pressure.”


Ben discussing the story behind one of his prints.


I love those black heels with the ankle band! photo credit: Kristin Anderson

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

People were having fun! p.s. A lot of people looked like models at this event. Where are all these gorgeous people from? They hang out in packs!

Background on Benjamin Benoit

His degree in graphic design, successful career as a model, and passion for photography combine to give Ben his unique perspective behind the camera.

In his early 20s, Ben was discovered by a talent scout and become a model. Over his career, he spent a lot of time in front of the camera. Through his successful work as a model, he learned lighting and composition techniques along with photography skills.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Ben featured on Champion golf ad for Target

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit - levis

On the tag of the Levi’s 231 “athletic fit” Jean

Recognizing Ben’s talent, brands hired him to shoot “behind” the camera for ads and models’ head shots. Coupled with his studies in photography, Ben’s years of experience from both sides of the camera helped him hone in on his ability to find the perfect shot.

Passion – Benjamin Benoit Photography of Landscapes

Ben’s biggest passion is landscape photography. During his free time, he takes hundreds of pictures of the sky line in the best light, the break of crashing waves along the shore, perfect autumn sunsets, and much more – with the eyes of an artist.  Even when away for work, he will go out after a long day of shooting or get up early in the morning to capture his art.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Selfie Ben took with tripod and timer.

There is nothing that inspires me more than people living their passion and chasing their dreams. In love, career, life – passion is what drives us. It gives us purpose. It gives us meaning.

Some people know exactly what their career passion is from an early age. Others stumble on it later in life.

I love Ben’s work because I can feel his passion for photography. I escape into the stories he tells through his prints.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Local fisherman catching mackeral and surfperch at high tide.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Custom aerial drone shot in Laguna Beach for a couple who was inspired by a similar aerial shot by Ben. The couple is in the middle of the shot. She is pregnant and he has his hand on her stomach. So sweet and special. Imagine when they are 80, looking at this picture. What a moment to capture.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

LA County Lifeguard keeping an eye on the ocean with the crazy sky in the background resulting from the Santa Clarita wildfires.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

Calm before the marine layer lifts. Perfect for a morning walk on the water.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit - el segundo

El Segundo abandoned pier. Six minute exposure used for this shot which makes the water look smoky.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit redondo beach

Redondo Beach Pier on a perfect night. I love how soft the water looks here.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

A walk along the beach.

Ben has a portfolio of landscape prints on his website Benjamin Benoit Photography where you can view and purchase. There are standard sizes on his site, but custom sizes can be printed too.

The Following are My Favorites Featured at the Exhibit

Ben’s descriptions are listed under each.

Pier Pressure

“I know it’s a bit cliche to shoot the symmetrical under the pier shot but the light is just so good here at all times. And when you print this photo on a large scale to hang on your wall, it adds depth in the same way a mirror adds depth to a room. I used a 3 second exposure for this picture to show movement in the water. I waited until low tide to shoot in order to get the good reflections.”

Rosecrans Blur

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit -rosecrans blur

Rosecrans Blur” 60×30 Aluminum Print – My favorite

“This was the photo I chose to place at the entry to the exhibit because I feel it IS Kit & Ace. It was shot on the same street as the store’s location (Rosecrans), and it complements the store’s color scheme. I used a slow shutter and a “panning” technique to capture this shot. It took me about 50 shots to get a good one that wasn’t blurry at the horizon line.”

June Gloom


“June Gloom” This one is very popular and my friend’s favorite,

“This was shot at the end of Rosecrans Ave in the midst of June Gloom. Early in the AM, when the marine layer had yet to burn off, the surf was very clean because of low wind. This is also my favorite time to run. Perfect running conditions in my opinion.”
I envision a huge version of this picture in a modern, mono chromatic home in matte alumimum or metalic canvas. A an aluminum triptychs of this picture (see below) in large form would be so cool.

Birds Whispering

“This picture was captured while I was setup down by the pier during a negative low tide. I was doing long exposures at sunset and noticed a man was feeding seagulls off the top of the pier. I ran over with my camera and got the shot right as the sun was going down.”

This print is currently hanging on a wall in Four Daughter’s Kitchen, a local Manhattan Beach restaurant in El Porto. Go check it out to envision how it would look in your space! It’s 60″x40″, framed and ready to go at $1299 (a steal compared to regular price).

El Porto Soul Surfer


El Porto Soul Surfer” in matte aluminum – My hubby’s favorite

“This was shot right after my birthday at the end of May in the heart of “May grey” weather. The heavy marine layer that day was contrasting perfectly with the black wet suits of the surfers. I shot all morning until the marine layer lifted. I didn’t know this surfer but approached him as he came out of the water an got his email. This image made his day!”

Manhattan Triptychs

I loved these small aluminum prints in sets of three for $250. They can be made in any size (I can visualize it on a large wall). The separation of the print gives the photo a more dramatic and eclectic finish.

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit set of three

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit

“Beach Walk” – this would go great in my white powder room.


“Rosecrans Blur” Photo by Kristin Anderson

Benjamin Benoit Photography Exhibit June Gloom

“June Gloom”

To order prints, visit Ben’s site. You will see his prices are very reasonable.  And to celebrate his Photography Exhibit success, he is offering 10% off his prices for a limited time when you mention “Ounce of Salt.”

Matte aluminum was my preference of material for the prints, but some friends preferred the metallic canvas finish. He also offers Acrylic (same as Aluminum but a bit thicker). The metallic canvas works well with the black and white photos as it will give off a pearly look when the light hits. I think the type of material to choose will depend on the print chosen.

I can promise you, his pricing will go up once he starts getting discovered for his wonderful talent! Buy now and say, “you knew him when..!” Measure that wall and get ordering. If you love water landscapes, especially Manhattan Beach, there is just no reason to wait.

p.s. For 60×30 sizes and above, Ben will personally deliver and install your print. Professional, and great customer service too. You’ll see.

Cheers to chasing our dreams.

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