6 Gift ideas for a man who has everything

How are you with picking out gifts for the man in your life? I’m not great with presents for my husband unless it’s something out of the ordinary that I know he’s been eyeing for a long time.

My husband is that practical guy who will read every detail about the things he wants for years without ever buying them. Granted, what he wants is usually super expensive and out of our budget. When it comes time to find a gift for him, I have such a hard time! Men are generally difficult to shop for though, right? 

His 50th birthday is less than a month away and I’ve got nothing. Well, I’ve got a few ideas but nothing that screams out, YES!

He loves luxury cars and watches but is generally happy just admiring the workmanship from afar. He rarely spends money on himself.

For his 40th birthday, I took him to a track to race cars for a day. On one anniversary about 10 years ago, I surprised him with an A. Lange Sohne watch he’d been drooling over for years. Five years ago, I put a Tesla P90D key in a tiny box under the tree for Christmas. It was risky but other than the deep blue color I knew he loved, I picked out everything else, down to the type of tires!  I’m lucky I got it all right!

Barring those 3 things, my gifts have been bad sweaters and underwear. 

As I continue to search for something, I found some goodies on the internet that I thought you may find interesting for the love in YOUR life! 

Gift ideas for a man who has everything

*For the Amazon products, I will get a small commission if you purchase through my links at no cost to you!

1. Whiskey Glass

How cool are these whiskey glasses from Amazon?  They include 2 sphere ice ball molds that are specially designed to fit perfectly in the JB glass. The double layer is designed so the heat on the glass from a hand holding it won’t warm the whiskey. 

2. Traveler’s World Map

This World Map push pin map is awesome for people who love to travel the world. They can put push pins on the locations they’ve visited and hang the map on the wall as a display. Super cool idea. 

3. Genetic Ancestry Testing 

This is a great gift for any occasion. I’m blown away by what genetic ancestry testing kits are capable of tracing these days! My husband did this test a few months ago and found out he has German blood and some Korean (by marriage) relatives!

4. A Day Racing Cars

As I mentioned, for my husband’s 40th, I gifted him with a day of racing cars similar to this NASCAR Racing Experience. Look how little my boys were!

5. An RV Trip for the Family

This is something my husband has wanted to do for years with the family. I’m trying to see if we can make it happen for Spring Break. The only thing is, my health isn’t at it’s best at the moment due to my needing surgery for fibroids so I am not sure if this timing will work. 

We are looking at renting an RV at Cruise America or a similar company and doing a portion of this blogger’s road trip along the Southwest. The appeal of this as a gift would depend on the man’s personality. 

6. A Subscription Styling Service for Men

Have you heard of Bombfell? I need to do more research on this company to see if it’s a good option for my husband who is narrow and extra tall at 6’3. It is a subscription styling service for men who hate to shop. I love that it’s just for men. 

In case you’re wondering, my husband doesn’t read my blog unless coerced by me. I can talk about him all day long and he won’t see it haha! What have you gifted to your significant other they loved? Ideas, please!

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