What do women over 40 want?

Who says women over 40 are old? 

Personally speaking, I feel younger, healthier, and more positive now more than ever. My days are spent bonding with family and friends, designing jewelry, running, and connecting with like-minded individuals.

I travel, write, make financial decisions and run a household. But I also shop, dress up, polish my nails, and regularly meet up with girlfriends.

My tribe has reinvented middle age with style and an open mind.

What Do Women over 40 Want? A Contemporary Take on a Classic Question.

We Want to Spend. Wisely!

Recession? Not the first time for me. Been there, done that. So, it doesn’t worry me. Experience has taught me to anticipate and prepare for it. Economic recovery is inevitable. I know it will take time.

As the woman of the house and the CPA, I’m in control of our finances. I am in a unique position to see both the forest and the trees. From groceries to cars, I have a big say on where, how, and when to spend.

I’ve learned that saving and spending are equally important. I balance my practical view on purchases with a reasonable acceptance of the fact that leisure and recreation are essential parts of life. Deals and promotions may catch my eye, but they wouldn’t hold my attention if they don’t make financial sense.

We Want to Show We Care.

Hosting a patio get-together with girlfriends.

Given all the ways and means technology allows us to connect with people from over the world, I feel that family has taken on a different meaning. 

I have made it a habit to remember their birthdays and to send a note, post a Facebook greeting or give them a call. During holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, I make it a point to let them know they are not forgotten.

But these thoughtful gestures are not reserved for special occasions. When I discover the perfect pink shade of nail polish, visit a beach resort for the first time, or stumble upon an inspirational quote, I share it right away on Instagram or this blog.

To me, family is also my neighbors, the service crew at my favorite restaurant, and the community of like-minded, empowered women to which I belong.

We Want to Discard Labels.

Boomers. Gen X. We love taking care of our children and grandchildren, parents and grandparents, but don’t only wear the apron anymore. You’ll find most of us have capes. We’re superwomen in our individual ways.

Don’t get me wrong. I love being a wife and mom. But I also run a business, share my thoughts in writing, and support worthwhile causes.

Somewhere out there is a woman who may be referred to as a housewife. In reality, she is the CEO of her household, the primary decision-maker of small and large purchases, the therapist to teenagers, the family’s party organizer, and her husband’s financial adviser.

Oh, and yes, it’s okay if you don’t have that really cool laptop in pink. Black is perfectly fine for us.

We Want to Pamper Ourselves.

I deserve to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have learned that treating myself is important to my health and wellbeing.

Getting my hair and nails done is not a guilty pleasure. Travel, books, and wine are regulars on my life’s menu. And it’s not just because I can, but more so because these things make me a better person. When I am self-fulfilled, I have more to give.

We Want to Eat Healthy and Stay Fit.

I want to enjoy life, and the only way I can do that is to match my kids’ energy, to be physically able to juggle numerous commitments, and to hit the ground running when I greet the world every morning.

My body deserves respect. I’m very careful with what I feed it. I stay as close to natural as possible while being mindful of my tastebuds. But I’m also aware that indulging in cravings sometimes helps keep me sane.

You know by now that I’m a runner. Having regular strenuous physical activity not only makes me stronger but also clears my mind of unwanted clutter. But my greatest reward from this exercise is the increased endurance that fuels my drive. 

We Want to Travel!

At McCoy Station on Mammoth Mountain enjoying a cocktail with my hubby.

To the next city, the nearby state, and the wild tropical rainforest across the globe. Discovering new places and making new memories are a thrill that nothing else can match.

I always seek opportunities to learn and grow, and I believe traveling is the best school of life. Plants and animals that I have never seen before, and cultural practices I never thought existed keep me enlightened.

Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean feeling discomfort. It could also signify opening a door to new adventures.

We Want to be Tech-Savvy.

In this digital age, who doesn’t? Shopping, social media, the news, and travel options are all online. I can’t imagine how I’d survive if I don’t grasp technology.

But please don’t talk to me about gigahertz, RAM, quad-core processors, or gyrometers. I just need my devices to make my life easier. Fast internet connectivity, long battery life, a great camera, and huge storage are all that matter to me.

Of course, it also matters that I didn’t grow up with technology, so user-friendly is on my priority list, too. Knowing what I must do when something goes wrong is incredibly helpful as well.

Are your wants the same as mine? The box below is made especially for your comments. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind!

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