SCARVES…Summer 2016 Accessory Trend: By Fashion Stylist, Pauline Saltzmann

I’ve always loved the way a scarf can play up an outfit. Cozy and oversized scarves have always been perfect for the fall and winter seasons. That’s why I’m ecstatic that scarves are the “must-have” accessory this summer season! It really sets the tone for an entire look. There are so many styles inspired by these small pieces of fabric. There is no universal way to wear a scarf, and that’s why I love it.

Here’s how to achieve some of my favorite looks:

1. Tie it neatly and laterally, leaving the tails free to drape on you – just like Saint Laurent. This style will complement a collared/high neck shirt, a blazer worn with a blouse or T-shirt, as well as a spaghetti strap dress or top.


2. Wind it several times around the throat, and close it with a knot. Gucci loves it this way. This looks great with V-necks, crew-necks and off-the-shoulder dresses or tops


3. Or simply loop it around to keep the knot hidden. This gives the silky “choker”effect that is often seen at Acne Studios. This style can be worn with everything. All you need is a bare neck line. Remember, scarves are accents that can add a pop of color or blend in with your outfit for a more monochromatic look.


4. I love all of these styles, but my personal favorite is the skinny scarf.  It doesn’t give as much service as its seasonal counterpart; but what it will give you is some serious style points. This must have, casual style works well with jeans and a T-shirt. If the weather permits, add a Moto leather jacket. This scarf also looks terrific with a vest & trousers. Scarves add interest and style to anything from leather pants and a crisp white blouse, to your sexiest black slip dress. Knot it around your neck and get ready for a beautiful day!


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