Mindset Work: How to Use Your First 30 Minutes After Waking

utilize your day and start off on the right foot with these tips on how to start your morning. A daily mindset routine that is both easy and will leave you feeling energized throughout your day. #ozofsalt #selfcare #mindsetroutine

Last week, I had an epiphany. I realized the way we start our day has the power to set our mood. Basic, I know. But who consistently practices this? In this post, I will discuss how to use your first 30 minutes after waking. It’s mindset work. And if you’re like me, you can use some!

A few weeks ago, I published a post on cardio-meditation. After doing it almost every day for several weeks, I shared the benefits I received.

Last week, however, I was at a conference, sleeping away from home. The disruption in my routine kept me from doing my cardio-meditation during the week, and it threw me off. I was restless, and I didn’t sleep well.

But then I realized, it is not necessarily the meditation that helped me improve my mindset. It was my consistency in focusing on something that made me feel good each day as the first thing I did after waking.

Mindset Work

1. Identify your 30-minute activity by making a list

What opens your mind and makes you happy that you can focus on first thing in the morning? Write them down.

My examples are:

  • Write a story or anything that expresses yourself
  • Sit and relax outside with a cup of coffee
  • Write in journal
  • Read or listen to a book
  • Meditate
  • Read affirmation quotes or write-ups
  • Run or walk
  • Cuddle with your kids/husband or both
  • Set intentions for your day
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Get love from your pets
  • Watch TEDx videos or listen to inspirational stories

These happen to be things that make ME happy. Your list will be different.

2. Narrow down your list to 2 top actions that make you happy

For me, it is 1) cardio meditation and 2) laying in bed and reading/listening to inspiration (quotes, stories). It’s important only to have a few so you can be consistent. Otherwise, you will distract yourself and end up failing to get any positive effects from the activity.

3. Do one of the two top actions each morning for 30 Minutes

Try this every morning for one month. Yes, you have to wake up 30-45 minutes earlier. But we all know we can make important things a priority. I value sleep more than most things. If I can do it, so can you!

4. Make notes on how you feel

When you can, take a couple of minutes to jot down some notes on how you feel right after the 30-minute activity. Is there a pattern? Does it open your mind? Make you feel peaceful? Make adjustments if necessary. After about two weeks, you’ll be used to feeling joy first thing in the morning and look forward to it!

I’m amazed how my body now just automatically gets up at 5:45 for cardio meditation. Its great, but I have to admit, on my days off I’m annoyed I didn’t sleep in.

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How easy is this? Why haven’t you done it sooner? If you’re like me, you tend to race through life trying to get so much done; you ignore simple things like how to take care of yourself! It’s important to make time to do mindset work like this as a reminder to give yourself some love. I’m excited to see how this works for you. I think you’ll find it makes a significant impact on your day to day happiness!

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Mindset Work: How to Use Your First 30 Minutes After Waking