Master Bathroom Remodel – Transitional Style

Welcome to our Master Bathroom Remodel! If you’ve been following my blog, you saw my posts on our powder room and kitchen remodels. Today, I’ll walk you through our New Master Bath.

Our master bathroom is long and narrow. Our initial motivation for the re-do was to get rid of the built in plastic bathtub and also to put a steamer in our shower.

Plastic Tub Oz of Salt Master Remodel

Our Old Tub

This tub was so deep, it took forever to fill and wasted a lot of water. The cushions were also 16 years old! No, old cushions are not a reason to replace a whole tub, but just sayin’ – it was an odd shape to find. On the left wall, there was a non-working gas fireplace which opened to the bedroom- a strange set up.

We left the floor plan intact but replaced everything except the cabinets and 3 mirrors. Come take a look.

Master Bathroom Before

2015-08-27 08.57.05-2

Travertine tiles, rose marble with embellished tan cabinets, bronze fixtures and old-fashioned Mediterranean light.

Master Bathroom After

Master Bath Remodel Oz of Salt

Mirrors stayed and cabinets were painted grey. Replaced the floor tile, slab statuary marble countertop, Toto fixtures, glass knobs, wider and rectangular American Standard sinks. New light fixture that I love!


2015-08-27 08.56.39-2


Master Bathroom remodel Oz of Salt

Mirror on left stayed. Took out framing around tub which opened up the space and highlights the new soaking tub. Marble tile was placed halfway up walls around tub. Placed plants on each side. New bottom up window treatment.


2015-08-27 08.57.13-2


2016-07-03 07.02.58

New paint on cabinets made them seem brand new. I love our chevron shaped marble floor tile. It’s clean, timeless and beautiful. I also love how we matched the baseboards with marble.


2015-08-27 08.56.54-2After

master steam shower remodel oz of salt

This shower is probably my favorite space in the house. I love the steamer for all its healing effects. I fall asleep very easily after I spend time in the steam. We tiled the whole shower including the ceiling, which was required for the steamer. It feels so luxurious in there!

Approximate Prices of Materials

  • Tile (floor, wall, marble molding) $7000
  • American Standard Toilet $700
  • Ball Light $900
  • Glass Knobs $350
  • Toto Accessories $700
  • American Standard Sinks (2) $800
  • Statuary Marble Slab $2000
  • Toto Shower Heads $1000
  • Steamer and Steamer Fan $2500
  • Tub $1700
  • Toto Tub Accessories $1000
  • Glass $1500
  • Window Treatment from Shade Store $800
  • Total $20,950

Not cheap. And this doesn’t include labor. But we love our home and will be here for many years to come. Might as well be our “Spa!” You know how every 10 years, rooms look dated to that decade? This bathroom feels so timeless at the moment, I can’t imagine it ever looking “dated.”  But I guess people said that about Mediterranean homes back in the day.

My advice on the Master Bath

  • Don’t spend too much on the bathtub. They can get expensive but there are many affordable options.
  • Don’t spend too much on sinks.  We love ours – shape, depth and quality ($400 each)
  • Do spend on fixtures.
  • Do spend on stone baseboards and if an option, tiling on part of the walls.
  • Do splurge on steamer if it’s an option!
  • Do splurge on light fixtures – as my designer Danijela says, “Light fixtures are jewelry for the room”
  • Try to save cabinets if you can.  Using old cabinet shapes may not be 100% ideal but it will likely be better than building new.
  • Think about risks of staining for marble. Urine will ruin marble floors!

I hope my Master Bathroom Remodel post gives you some inspiration for your own project. I’d love to hear what you’re working on!

Designer Credit: Danijela Zaric of Space Intervention.  For info on her services, contact her at [email protected]

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