Jewelry Making Theme Party

How often do you entertain? This year, I’m making more of an effort to host gatherings to connect with people. With my birthday around the corner, it was the perfect time to plan something.

Since not all the guests know each other, I wanted an activity to break the ice and make it a comfortable and casual setting. Jewelry making seemed to be a perfect theme for an open house schedule where people could come and go throughout the day.

Jewelry Making Theme Party

I researched Pinterest, and was inspired by these beaded bracelets which are fairly easy and quick to make, and stylish for summer! Aren’t they great? If you also love 14k gold and diamond layering and lariat necklaces, also visit my online  Jewelry Shop for a beautiful collection. 


Where We Found Supplies

Luckily, two of my close girlfriends make jewelry as hobbies. My friend Sandy and I took a trip to the Los Angeles Jewelry District to find our supplies (check out how to shop at the Jewelry District in my blog post here).

We visited:

  1. Bead Factory 
  2. Bellas Findings and
  3. Beads and More

Of the 3 stores, we found Beads and More to have the best quality/price balance. The Bead Factory seemed a bit cheap for what I wanted to create and Bellas Findings was mostly gold plated/gold filled spacers and higher end beads which was beyond my budget for this size gathering.

Setting Up the Jewelry Making Theme Party

My co-host Julie also brought over her beads and crystals collection.

Julie came up with putting the beads in martini glasses. So clever.

Each person would get a plate to hold their materials so they didn’t roll off the table.

Cheese Plate: cheese, deli meat almonds, grapes and dried fruit from Costco. We asked guests to bring over a drink or light appetizer to share.

The Jewelry Making Theme Party Event

Different people visited at different times throughout the day, made their bracelets while enjoying appetizers and hanging out. The set up was perfect.

My beautiful co-host and one of my best friends, Julie! Without her, I don’t think I could pull these events off.

Mixed berries are always a great item to serve to a group.

The guests all seemed to have had a great time and loved their bracelets. It was so relaxing, some of us lingered on making jewelry much past the party-end time!

Examples of Beaded Bracelet Creations

The following are bracelets some of the girls made.

The light blue beads were most popular!

Black bead and gold bracelet is the one made during the party. Doesn’t it look cool with the others?

Beachy and perfect for the season.

One simple gold ball gave these beaded bracelets a more finished look.

Mine stacked with other bangles.

Does this inspire you to plan your own Jewelry Making Theme Party? It was easy to plan and so much fun! I hope this post gave you some good ideas to find reasons to get together with your friends. It’s important for us to make time for each other!

ps. Have you visited my online jewelry shop lately? Check out my collection of gorgeous pieces I’ve hand-selected from the Los Angeles jewelry district. They extend the same wholesale rates they give to jewelry retailers to me, due to my readership following! Without the overhead related to having retail stores, I’m able to pass the savings on to you! 

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