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Is IV Nutritional Therapy Worth the Hype? By Jen Oliak

Have you wondered how Vitamin IV infusions work? It’s the new hot thing in Beverly Hills and many metropolitan areas where health, fitness and skincare are big business. In Las Vegas, Hangover IV therapy facilities are raking it in! With all the crazy antics in Vegas, I bet Hangover IV infusions are like gold.

I was getting ready to spend 3 days at a conference in Los Angeles and wanted a boost of energy. I also wanted my skin to glow, and I heard vitamin therapies help. I thought, this is a better time than any!  I went in to see Dr. Kim at Trilogy Spa in Manhattan Beach, CA.

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Trilogy Spa Deck

Why Vitamin IV Therapy?

iv nutritional infusion


  • We are not getting enough vitamins and minerals in our diets.
  • We need to supplement the nutrients that we lose through exercise and daily activities.
  • It’s a vehicle for fast absorption and rapid symptom relief.
    1. When vitamins are infused intravenously they go directly into your bloodstream to target the cells throughout the body.
    2. You avoid the potential loss of potency and absorption common in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract when vitamins are taken orally (vitamins orally ingested are absorbed at only 60%).
  • Anti-aging the natural way without prescription medication or over the counter products.
  • Many clients who took medication and antibiotics report a significant decrease in the need to take them after starting IV therapy.

Who is the best candidate for Vitamin IV Therapy? – Everyone!

  • Anyone looking for a boost in energy or immunity
  • People who would like help with weight loss
  • Partiers who need a quick cure for their hangover
  • People who want a boost in overall wellness
  • Chronic illness holders such as fatigue, asthma and arthritis
  • Athletes who want vitamin replenishment before an event

My Experience

  • I tried the Myers Wellness cocktail which included Vitamin C, biotin, coQ10, and glutathione. Vitamin C was for immunity and cell regeneration, CoQ10, and glutathione are strong antioxidants for anti-aging!
  • You will get poked lightly with a needle, like when you’re getting blood drawn.

iv nutritional therapy vitamin infusion trilogy

  • After the needle was in, I sat back and relaxed for about 20 minutes.
  • A few things I didn’t expect
    1. As the drip started getting into my bloodstream, I “tasted” the vitamins!  It tasted like Flintstones Vitamins.  It was so bizarre!  I was licking and smacking my lips together to try and taste as much as I could.
    2. There were a couple times the injection area started feeling “bruisy” during which point the R.N. would slow down the drip.  She said sometimes the drip can cause a slight burning sensation as it is going into the body but turning the drip down will resolve.
  • Benefits last for about 2 weeks.
  • Scheduling regular sessions can further optimize results.

How Did I Feel After the Infusion?

  • Did you read my Resting Bitch Face post? I was full of energy at the conference, so much that I was perky as a bird (is that a term?) I am generally pretty healthy anyway, but I did notice that I had a lot of energy during my 16 hour days.  I had planned to turn in at the end of each day’s conferences around 6 but I ended up staying out and networking, socializing and having fun each day for hours after.
iv nutritional therapy vitamin infusion trilogy

Is this a glow or is my face sweaty? Ha! There’s some glow!

  • My pictures show my face glowing! I didn’t realize until I uploaded my camera pics that my dark and sometimes slightly puffy circles under my eyes were almost non-existent. This is likely from the IV fluid – which went directly into my system and was equivalent to drinking a gallon of water.

My Take-Aways

  • Everyone is different so you really have to try it to see how the infusion will work for you.
  • Price is ($175 for the Myers Cocktail) so unless you have chronic symptoms you are working with, this is probably a once in a while “treat” you can do for yourself before a special event. I really like how they have a “Shot Bar” if you want to focus on one vitamin (ex. B12- $35) which is easier to afford.
  • I love how Dr. Kim does a consultation with you before your first visit either in person or via Facetime.  Dr. Kim is a Double Board Certified MD Internist so a consult alone is worth the $175 if you ask me.  He will go over your health questions and what you are looking for from an infusion.

Dr. Kim’s offices are at Skypark in Torrance and you can reach him at 310-373-1220 Dr. Chong Kim M.D. 

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