From Summer to Fall: Make Transitioning Your Summer Wardrobe Easy and Fun

With Labor Day marking the official end of summer, many of us (myself included!) are preparing to say “au revoir” to our favorite summer outfits. To prepare for the colder days of fall and winter, we may reach into our closets for our thick sweaters, heavy booties, and chunky knits, and place those lightweight summer materials in their drawers until next year.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to store all of your summer staples? This season, keep your favorites out front, and get ready to experiment with colors, layers and accessories.

Keep Your Maxi Dresses Up Front

Maxi dresses are one of my favorite summer pieces. These beachy and breezy dresses seem like they should be the first items relegated to the back of the closet for fall, but they are, in fact, the first to get repurposed! Create the perfect casual autumn outfit by adding a chunky knit sweater, or level up your look with a belted blazer. The key is to layer up and define your waist to add structure, creating a beautiful fall outfit.

Pair Your Favorite Pieces with Cozy Layers

The easiest way to shift from summer to fall is to find your favorite ways to layer. While some of your summer pieces will need to be stored (we will miss you, linen pants), many can be repurposed and added to your fall wardrobe! Silky tops and heavier cottons are easy pieces to keep out in the fall, and are easy to layer. Top your lightweight summer dresses with cozy cardigans, and slip on a pair of tights to keep your legs warm as the temperature drops. 

Introduce Old Favorites

Bring out those fall and winter pieces you put away when the temperatures began to climb! Reintroducing your cold weather faves always helps manage the sadness of tucking away your summer wardrobe. Remember that badass leather jacket that just didn’t make the cut in 90-degree heat? Or that amazing cashmere sweater that was just too thick for summer days? And how could you forget your super cute suede booties? Mixing in your favorite layers is the perfect way to get fall started. 

Add Some Darker Colors to the Mix

While it may be time to say “sayonara” to our light summer neutrals and pastels, it is also time to get excited for the deep colors of fall. Rich wines, dark greens, and warm browns are great colors to add to your fall rotation. Swap out your blush pinks for charcoal and denim, your whites for fawn-browns and other neutrals (but yes, you can still wear white in the fall!).

Fall is a time of transformation, and it’s only right that your wardrobe changes too. This process doesn’t have to be painful; all it takes is a few easy adjustments, and you’re ready for a brand new season!