Fun Food for Kids – Panda Rice Balls: By Jen Oliak

Panda Rice Balls are the perfect simple meal that your kdis will love and enjoy. #ozofsalt #kidsmeals #recipes

My son, Justin is the pickiest eater I know. He doesn’t like his food to touch on his plate. He will not eat chicken or fish, pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers.  He does not like soup or any food with chunks with the exception of ground beef.

The only vegetables he likes are iceberg lettuce and grilled artichokes. Yes, grilled artichokes! His favorite food: pasta with butter and salt.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Justin wanted to make these Panda Seaweed Rice Balls for dinner.

panda rice balls oz of salt

We bought the mold on Amazon .  It takes a few weeks to ship, so don’t expect 2 day shipping on this one!  But when we received it, it was well worth the wait.

A rice cooker is a great appliance to have if your family likes to eat rice. Nori can be purchased at Whole Foods or an Asian market.

Justin made the rice in the rice cooker, cut the nori into the the shapes from the mold for ears, arms, feet and tail, and was very precise in measuring the rice for the mold in order to make the perfect panda bodies.

We made some fried egg for protein to add to the panda rice balls. He ate so many I lost count!

He was so excited to make them that he made about 15 more for neighbors and friends!

panda rice balls oz of salt

One of his friends he delivered to, sent this picture.

If your kids like rice and seaweed, make some panda rice balls!  There are other shapes too on Amazon.

Have fun!



Fun Food for Kids - Panda Rice Balls: By Jen Oliak