Are Your Teeth Still Crooked After Invisalign?

My 2 year review of using Invisalign teeth straightening. #ozofsalt #teethstraightening #womenshealth

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been on Invisalign -almost two years! Would you guess that many people google “teeth still crooked after Invisalign?” It typically takes more than the initial number of trays they tell you it will take to straighten your teeth.

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I had to get two more rounds of tray sets (16 trays for second round and 3 trays for third round) for my teeth to completely straighten. Don’t worry; they don’t charge for the extra sets. And guess what? I now don’t mind it’s taken so long because I found a system where I barely notice them!

Invisalign Will Likely Need to Give You More Trays

I explained in my post, Invisalign Teeth Straightening Time- What They Don’t Tell You that after my treatment of going through wearing 20 trays, my orthodontist told me I needed new molds to send to Invisalign to assess how many more trays I need. In other words, my teeth were still crooked after Invisalign round 1 (20 weeks). I didn’t know there would be round 2, then round 3!

After waiting for six weeks, I received notice I needed 16 more trays! Hmmm, I wasn’t happy about that because I hated wearing the trays all day long. But as it turns out, it is common for teeth to remain crooked after treatment. Re-treatment occurs in half the patients. So I accepted it and got the cement balls reapplied on my teeth to start another treatment cycle of 16 trays.Are Your Teeth Still Crooked After Invisalign?

Lengthen Treatment Time, But Shorten Wear Time

Year 1

  • During the first year, I wore the trays consistently for 7-10 days at a time.
  • Starting the 7th day, I’d try on the next week’s tray. If the next tray didn’t fit easily, I returned to the old and checked the next day again. Usually, by the 10th day, I could move on to the next tray. See my post Secrets of Invisalign for more details.
  • I did this until about the 30th tray when I decided to try only wearing them at night after the first few days of starting a new tray.

This changed everything!

Year 2

  • Once the new trays fit easily without feeling any tightness, I adjusted my wear time to just while I slept.
  • I noticed each night the tray would feel more snug than they did that morning, but my teeth quickly adjusted.
  • I switched from wearing the trays for 7-10 days at a time to 3-4 weeks at a time, with the majority of time being during nighttime only.
  • So for the last six trays, I wore each for 3-4 weeks each, but only at night. I didn’t switch trays until they didn’t feel snug when I put them on at night (which means they stopped shifting slightly back during the day).

After this phase, I returned to the dentist who told me they were 90% straight and gave me the option of leaving them or sending a mold to Invisalign one more time for them to assess. I took the option to send the molds.

After another six weeks, they sent three more trays which I wore for 4-5 weeks each.  The increased length of these last set of trays had more to do with me not wanting to go back to the dentist due to my busy schedule. Also, because I’ve become so used to the trays at night, I don’t mind wearing them. At this point, the only annoying thing is the composite balls still on my teeth to keep the trays in place.

And now here I am, on my last tray. I think my teeth are 95% straight now!

Are Your Teeth Still Crooked After Invisalign?

I think if I want to be a stickler, I could use one or 2 more trays for my front middle teeth. So, I may get yet another set of trays to get to 100% straightness.

Once Treatment is Finished

Once you and your dentist agree that your treatment is done, you’ll get a retainer to wear in the evenings every night. This is something that you will do forever to keep your teeth from shifting.

  • You will likely receive a complementary retainer made of stronger material than the adjustment trays.
  • You’ll be given the option to purchase a better quality retainer that will last longer than the free one.

After paying $6k for Invisalign, I will be taking the free option and see how it goes. Unless it stops doing its job of preventing my teeth from moving, I am ok with an ugly, discolored retainer!

My Conclusions on Invisalign

  • It takes way longer than you expect to straighten your teeth.
  • It turned my teeth yellow much quicker than usual which bugged me. Thankfully I found a product to help me with this problem-it made my teeth whiter without any bleach or peroxide! Order some, today!
  • I hate the composite balls they attach to keep trays in place. After two years, they still feel like I have food stuck to my teeth.
  • It is expensive.

So unless your teeth bother you to the point of trying to hide your smile, or after reading all three of my related posts, you’re just as excited about Invisalign, I’d say think twice before making the investment. People who are googling “teeth still crooked after Invisalign,” are probably feeling frustrated and uninformed.

It’s likely that no one but you notices your teeth’s imperfections! But I guess it’s easy for me to say, now that my teeth are straight! I hope you found this post helpful!

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