Add a Spiritual Vibe to Your Living Room

Want to Add a Spiritual Vibe to Your Existing Living Room? Use These 8 Different techniques

“A room should feel collected, not decorated.” – Elsie de Wolfe

Home is the one place in the whole world that provides comfort, security, happiness, and peace. It’s simply the place where you allow yourself to “be.” Therefore, it is essential that you feel connected to your home and its interiors.

From the first thing you see as you enter your home to its exteriors, to what your eye meets as you walk down to your room – each décor element speaks to you, serves a purpose, contributes to an overall “aura” of your home. It is also a reflection of your personality.

Dull corridors, messy tables, cluttered counters, and cramped furniture can make you feel stressed, unwelcome, and overwhelmed in your own home! If you’ve been feeling cooped up in your own space, waiting impatiently for something to change, then your home desperately needs a spiritual makeover.

Wondering how to go about embellishing your living room with accents of divinity and airiness?

Here are 8 different ways you bring positive vibes to your living room: 

1.   Pay Attention to Usefulness

From placing furniture to positioning electronics like TVs and Air conditioners, each element of your living room should fit its function. When decorating your living room, determine the function and purpose of the room. Depending on your lifestyle, figure out what the room is going to be most used for.

Most living rooms host guests, allow for leisurely activities and relaxation, reading, working, watching TV, listening to music, staying warm by the fireplace, and so on. Once you’ve listed its uses, move on to arranging objects, furniture, and appliances accordingly.

2.   Use the Right Color Palette

Fengshui suggests that color schemes be decided as per compass directions. If your living room is constructed in the South corner home, use shades of red, red-oranges, pinks, purples, and yellows. Throw in some candlelight to accentuate the fiery element that rules this corner of your home.

If creativity, productivity, and playfulness is the objective of your living room – pastel tones work best. But if your source of peace is water, then watercolor paintings, greens and blues, mirrors, and dark-colored settings are the way to go. In houses where the living room serves as the center of the home, earthy colors like yellow and beige lend a tranquil vibe.

3.   Keep it Natural

Adding indoor plants, flowers, water fountains, and other natural elements is the best way to lift your living room spiritually. Indoor plants like peace lilies, spider plants, bamboo plants, and English Ivy plants add a splash of natural textures across the room and even act as air purifiers keeping the air indoors clean and free of toxins.

Flowers lend a pretty yet elegant touch. Fresh blooms and seasonal blossoms provide an aromatic experience and help maintain a serene and peaceful environment.

4.   Accessorize Mindfully

Each accessory in the room should make you feel positive and lively when you lay your eyes on it. Striking and visually appealing accessories like awe-inspiring artwork, antique mantelpieces that tell a story, and souvenirs from an adventurous or memorable trip, when placed appropriately across the room can infuse the room with happiness and optimism.

Keep in mind to not have mementos of any bad experiences or memories in your living room. The negativity they bring to your life will take over space as well.

5.   Arrange Thoughtfully

Once you know what you are going to be using your living room most for – you will also know your furniture requirements. Arrange this furniture in a manner that is comfortable, easy to navigate, and blends with your lifestyle.

Ensure you have a cozy couch with soft cushions. Place it in a manner where its occupants can always keep an eye on who is entering and leaving the room. A coffee table to go with it is a must. A colorful rug and some pretty succulents will make the space look welcoming, comfy, and friendly.

Instead of installing a TV as the focal point, focus on making the fireplace the center of attention in the room. A fireplace makes the room warm, it brings people together, and fire unifies energies.

6.   Embrace Lighting

Lighting is a vital part of Spiritual Décor. Adorn your living room with tasteful lampshades. For a nicer feel, stick to using only lamps instead of wall light installations for a warm and pleasant atmosphere. Intricate string lights, candles, low light night lights, and classic chandeliers can lend a soothing effect to the room and can make you feel light-hearted and happy while you’re in the room.

7.   Bring in A Himalayan Salt Lamp

Easily available online, a Himalayan Salt lamp flaunts a soft and healing glow thanks to its amber color. Shaped as a rock, a Himalayan Salt lamp is nothing but a pretty-looking chunk of salt that works as the perfect night lamp.

If you want your living room to lend healing energies to its occupants, install this lamp to relieve stress, uplift your moods, purify indoor air, liven up the ambiance of the room.

8.   Make Space for an Alter

Altar essentially means, “high place.” If you believe in a higher power, make some room in your living space for an Altar that’s unique to your beliefs and feelings. Alters are sacred corners of the room wherein you can decorate a designated corner of the room with things of spiritual significance to you. From crystals and gemstones to dreamcatchers and essential oils, alters are a place for any items you have a soft spot for in your spiritual life.

Most people embellish alters with spiritual books, traditional or non-traditional accessories, incenses and oil diffusers, meditation tools, and other such items of esoteric value. An altar in the living room can bring about energies of calmness, gratitude, holiness, and reflection.

From traditional Chinese practices like Feng Shui to the ancient Indian norms of Vaastu-Shastra, adding balance and natural elements to one’s home and accentuating its aesthetics to lend an exquisite and sacred touch is a common thing.

Ideally, as you evolve, your living spaces must evolve, too. If you have adopted a spiritual lifestyle, it’s a given that your home must reflect an ethereal feel, as well. Adopt these techniques and transform your living room to give it a higher purpose.

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