My 5 Favorite Finds for May 2017

I love it when my friends tell me about products I wouldn’t otherwise know. Or when I stumble upon something and wonder how I ever lived without it. It’s so nice when things are filtered out for us, isn’t it? I’m all about saving time. I have a mish-mash of things I love this month to share with you.

The following are my 5 Favorite Finds for May 2017

1. Stila Eyeliner

This eye liner was recommended on one of the big blogger pages I follow (wish I could remember which one!) so I thought I’d give it a try. I have been wearing it every day for 2 weeks and love it. It applies nicely with a pointed tip that gets thicker to apply with varying amounts of drama. And it does not come off with tears (yes, I cried)!

I talked about this on my Insta-Stories (@ozofsalt) the first week I tried it, and one of my friends who saw me, purchased it and told me she loves it too! Love that!,

2. Gianvito Rossi Suede Platform Mules

I love my new mules!  This is my favorite shoe designer. His shoes are not only beautiful, but very comfortable. These Gianvito Rossi Suede Platform Mules screamed out to me on my birthday visit to Barneys. I love the wood heel and platform. To me, it looks like a piece of art!

My best friend, Pauline (who is my fashion consultant), says these are best worn casually with jeans, mini skirts, or flirty above the knee dresses. I’ll have to dig in my closet to see what I can find.

3. Trader Joe’s Champagne Vinaigrette

I know this seems random, but good salad dressings are hard to find.

What I like about this dressing: The taste is the perfect combination of sour and sweet. It’s a little creamy but not too much. I can use just 1/2-1 tablespoon and add another tablespoon of apple cider vinegar which turns out to be a low calorie dressing option. The total dressing then, is 25 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Not bad!

Have you read my No Sugar or Alcohol on Weekdays Challenge? Since I started the diet, I have been using this dressing almost every weekday! Thank goodness it’s delicious or I’d get bored real quick. Oh, and I’ve lost a few lbs since starting the challenge a month ago!

4. Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries Cereal

Another random item, I know. But I had to mention it because my kids love this cereal so much, they fight over it! I have to buy 2 boxes for each of them and my older son goes as far as hiding his so my younger can’t get into his stash.  It has 9 grams of sugar per serving and mostly rice, whole grain wheat and and wheat fiber.


5. Downloads App – Music Download for Free

Ok. I saved the best for last, and now you’ve got to focus. You should have your phone with you too.

My younger son watches a lot of Youtube videos when he gets to use his Ipad on weekends. Based on those videos, he seems to know a little about everything these days. He found this app for me to overlay music into my videos.

However, more than for videos, it turns out this is a great app for me to get my favorite songs onto my phone. For free! For weeks now, I’ve been listening to new songs on my runs.

I don’t quite understand how Youtube allows this. I am thinking maybe the sound quality isn’t the level of Itunes? Not sure, but I can’t tell the difference as it sounds excellent to me. I’m assuming since they allow the downloads and he found this on a random Youtube instructional video (which he can’t seem to find for me to link), I can share this information.

The App is called Downloads. This is what it looks like when you search in Apps. Follow along with your phone.

One caveat is that there are many advertisements on this app which can be annoying, but you can just close out each one as you go.

Once you download it, open the app, and click on clear cache and cookies in settings (not quite sure why). Then hit “browser” on bottom left of screen.

In the search bar, type in (very important- if you click on just Youtube, it will route you to the Youtube phone app and the download won’t work. Make sure you include the “.com” after Youtube).  The Youtube desktop version will come up. Again, this is the most important part.

Search song by name or by type (ex. “top 10 songs of the week”). You will see a list of songs. Click on the song you want. It will start playing video. Instead of watching, close the video. Once you do, this prompt will come up.

Once you choose a song and click, it will show this prompt “Download file?” Click on Download. This will save the video’s audio to your phone within the App.

Open the App, click on the “downloads” bottom button and you will see all the songs you downloaded. This is your playlist to enjoy at your leisure, even if you don’t have phone or internet connection! It won’t go into your music section, though. All the songs will remain within the App, and you don’t need wifi or cellular to connect. So when you want to listen, you just click on the App.

So these are my 5 favorite finds for May 2017. What do you think? Will you try any of them? Can you let me know if you do? Makes me happy when I’m told I delivered value!

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