Why I Give Kit and Ace a Thumbs Up: By Jen Oliak

Have you heard of Kit and Ace? They are a functional clothing company owned by the original co-founders of Lululemon at The Point in Manhattan Beach.

A few months ago, I approached a bunch of stores at The Point as well as Downtown Manhattan Beach to see if they would be interested in a give-away for my blog.

I put on my best face, asked for their manager or owner and gave them an informal pitch as to why they should support me, an up and coming blogger who has lived in the community for 13 years. I explained how this would be a great opportunity to advertise to locals in their target demographic. Being a new blogger, some stores stuck their noses up at me. It was humbling.

Courtney, Manager of Kit and Ace, was the first Company to say yes.  And I thought it was so generous of her to allow me to pick out the item I wanted.  She enabled me to give away this $160 scarf (now on sale for $78!) and a $25 gift card to one of my followers.

Kit and Ace-6

Cotton Cashmere Blanket-Scarf – Isn’t it gorgeous?

Their clothes are the bomb. Recently, Courtney had me test out a few items of clothing to wear as “FnD” (fit and design) to collect design feedback for their corporate office. I found they are perfect for my lifestyle.

Note: This is solely my opinion and I was not paid to publish this post.

This is what I love about Kit and Ace clothing

  • Great Design: Their trademark is in their Technical design. I’ve never seen such details spelled out on a website in what goes into designing a co’s clothing. The clothes look high-end without the formal feel. I feel their theme is “elegant casual.”
  • High Quality Fabric
    • Proprietary fabric, Qemir™ (pronounced “come ‘ere”), brings technical properties to noble fibres – Technical Cashmere™ so you can throw the clothes in the wash.
    • Will not pill, fade or stretch.
    • Shrink integrity, breathability, venting, wicking, stain shield technology, performance trims and Italian tailoring.
    • Every piece is wear-tested for 288 hours.
  • Super comfy – The clothing is silk with dynamic stretch and bounce-back fabric so you feel like you’re in yoga pants.

This is me, trying to look like a model. Kit and Ace top and pants, Chloe scalloped edge pumps and Chloe cat eye sunglasses. Chanel bag.

Kit and Ace-1

This is the Prevost Sleeveless top from my picture above. I love it because it is fitted yet flattering and comfortable.

Kit and Ace - 2

Prevost Top from the back. It is super slimming and I like how I can wear it tucked in or out.

Kit and Ace -7

Lowdown Trouser. The pair I have on in my picture is similar to this but in technical silk and more baggy. My silk pants are not yet on the Kit and Ace website but can be found in their stores.

I love the pants for their versatility.  In addition to the more dressed up look above, I can dress these down. I wore them with a super casual tank and exposed sports bra with Vans for a relaxed look the other day for Back to School night and felt like I could run around the block if I wanted.

Kit and Ace-4

This pic is from their website. I put it here because it made me happy. Look how cool and comfy the model looks!

The other thing I Like about Kit and Ace is their Culture:

  • Mindfulness and people development: They partner with whil (a digital meditation tool) to bring mindfulness training to our teams. And they offer weekly mindfulness sessions for their guests.
  • Support for non profit. Imagine1day was created to build schools throughout Ethiopia. Learn more about imagine1day.

Ok, I must warn you, their clothes are not cheap. But you know how Lululemon pants aren’t either, but they last 5+ years and don’t go out of style?  I think it’s the same with Kit and Ace clothing.

So if you haven’t already, go check them out. I know you’ll agree with me that their clothes are high quality, comfy and stylish! Let me know if you get something and how you like it! And if you enjoyed this post, check out The Top 10 Wardrobe Essentials for every stylish woman!

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